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ALC Research Worldwide International
ALC Research Worldwide conducts market research via online surveys and music research, harnessing the efficiency of the internet to provide faster results. Participation in these surveys requires you to be a member; that is facilitated through a sign-up survey that provides ALC with your personal details and some lifestyle information. Consumer Panel International want all budding chefs out there to take a few minutes of their day and assist them in streamlining their useful online service. They’re looking for people to participate in their online surveys, provide feedback on web features and share their opinions. They do not compensate for this participation, apart from occasional coupons and samples.

American Cereal Council United States
Everybody should eat a healthy breakfast, and the American Cereal Council is setting out to prove it. They’re looking for people who are willing to track their children’s breakfast habits using their simple tracking grid downloaded off their website, and they’ll pay select participants with a $75 gift card.

American Cowboy Reader Council United States
American Cowboy magazine is looking for readers of their publication to assist them in providing feedback and opinions on various matters pertaining to the magazine and the associated lifestyle. Participation is in the form of an online survey, and participants will be rewarded with an entry into a draw for a $250 American Express Gift Card.

Apple Nation Panel International
The Apple Nation Panel ( will compensate you for completing any of their various market research projects, which are all related to the technology field. The surveys are all online, and range in length, which affects the degree of compensation attached to each. Specifics of each survey’s length and reward are revealed with the invitation to complete them.

CATSA Online Survey Canada
The Canadian Air Transport is always looking to improve the air travel experience for their customers, and they are looking for feedback and opinions from various people in order to do so. They generally conduct focus groups and online surveys, and reward participation with cash prize draws, for up to $1000.

Consumer Surveys Company United States
Consumer Surveys are looking for people in the Arlington, Illinois region to participate in their various in-person market research studies. They are willing to pay participants in the projects in cash upon their completion, while they also offer a cash prize referral program for each person successfully referred.

Consumers India India
Consumers India is looking for Indian consumers from around the world to participate in their various market research and reward projects, and be rewarded for doing so with online shopping vouchers. They are looking for people to view websites, read emails, sign-up for free offers, and to complete various surveys.

Country Hit Songs International
If you love Country Music, and you would like to play a role in deciding what Country songs show up on TV and the radio, then head through to and participate in their online polls and discussions. Rating songs will earn you points, which can be exchanged for merchandise in their online store.

CQS Research United States
If you are willing to complete CQS Research’s online profiling questionnaire, then they are willing to invite you to complete and participate in a selection of their other online surveys should you be eligible. They reward participation in these with cash, gifts, and charity donations, the details of which are unspecified.

Decima International
Every now and again you stumble across a market research company that you know means business, and Decima seems to be one such organization. They are offering entries into their monthly cash draw of $1000, and from time to time, various other prizes and awards, simply for participating in their various surveys and polls.

Dell DirectResponse United States
Dell is a global computing and technology organization, and they are looking to their customers for feedback and opinions about their various product designs and service offerings. This will be in the form of various studies, each of which offers participants a selection of unspecified prizes and gifts.

Ebony Experts United States is a specialist market research organization that is currently looking for people to join their panel and offer feedback on a variety of the brands under the Johnson Publishing Company umbrella. As compensation for your participation in this program, they offer free product samples as well as various prize draws.

eFocus International
eFocus is an online market research company that specializes in creating and administrating various online discussion boards and focus groups. They are always looking for people to join these groups, and they offer compensation in the form of coupons, tickets, or merchandise for doing so.

Consumer Link United States
Consumer Link is a market research company with portals to a large selection of countries from around the world. They offer cash rewards for each survey or discussion group that you complete or participate in, and they also conduct a selection of cash prize sweepstakes from time to time. United States will pay you for sharing your thoughts of a variety of topics, products and services. They primarily conduct focus groups and web surveys, both of which are opinion-based and fairly straightforward. They will enter you into a draw for each survey completed, and compensate you for your time spent in focus groups.

BizRate International
Online store and review website conduct a variety of online surveys on a regular basis in order to gather opinions on their own products and those of both online and offline businesses. They offer entry into various sweepstakes as a reward, the prizes of which can reach up to $1000.

Blackfriars Communications United States
Blackfriars Communications is a specialist market research company that conducts research with business executives from around the United States that aims to establish the amount of money spent on marketing and related projects. They offer as a reward for participation the research findings, which are sent out in a PDF document on a quarterly basis.

OnDemand Research United States 
Join OnDemand Research today and start sharing your opinion. Membership is FUN, FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. You must be at least 18 years of age to join and live in the United States.  As a member of OnDemand Research, we want to hear your opinion! We not only want to hear your opinion, we'll reward you for it!

That Said United States
That Said is an online community where US residents aged 13 years and older can participate in user generated surveys, polls, and reviews. Earn Clams for signing up, and completing surveys, which you can later exchange for gifts, check payments, or to buy additional chances in Instant Win Games and Sweepstakes. Register onsite to become a member and take part in a new approach to market research. United States Canada United Kingdom Australia
Eyecloud Consulting is a market research company that is currently looking for people from the US, UK, Canada and Australia to participate in their various studies. These studies are all ethically orientated, and they offer rewards in the form of sweepstakes and cash between $10 and $500 for participation in their studies.

Fact Finders United States
Fact Finders are a traditional, full service market research company that is based in St. Louis. They conduct a variety of different data collection services, including online and offline surveys and interviews, as well as various focus groups. While much of the research can be done remotely, focus groups are conducted from their St. Louis facilities.

FeedBack Plus Australia
Focus Plus is an Australian market research organization that is always looking for people to participate in their various studies. These studies are primarily in-person, either as interviews, focus groups or taste tests, and all are accompanied by some form of reward, details of which are revealed before a commitment is required.

FieldHouse Marketing Research United States
If you are interested in participating in a variety of market research studies with a company that knows how to treat their customers and clients well, then Field House Marketing Research is worth considering. They conduct a variety of different studies, and they are always looking for people to participate.

Fisher-Price Toy Tester Australia New Zealand
If you love toys, or you have children who love toys, then Fisher Price is looking for your assistance. This globally recognized toy company is looking for people to become toy testers, and to tell them how you can improve their new products. You will be allowed to keep the toy that you test.

Flake-Wilkerson Professionals Panel International
If you have been looking for the market research organization called Flake-Wilkerson, you will have some difficulty, because they have now joined forces with various other organizations to form Market Strategies International. They still conduct a wide selection of both online and offline market research, however no recruiting takes place directly through their website.

Flying Sources Australia
Flying Sources is an Australian-based market research organization that conducts a wide variety of both online and offline market research. At the moment they are recruiting people who are interested in participating in their focus groups and interviews, both of which are compensated for with cash gifts.

Focus Forward Latino International
Focus Forward Latino is a fairly standard market research organization. They are looking for people to participate in various online and offline, qualitative and quantitative research studies, but they are particularly interested in the views and opinions of those people in both the Hispanic and Latino communities.

Foodquiz International is an online market research community that consists of people interested in the development of new food products. They are looking for people to become a part of this community, which will require occasional participation in online surveys. These surveys offer entries into cash prize draws, up to $500.

Forrester Executive Research Panel United States
Forrester Market Research is one of the most comprehensive market research organizations that have assisted hundreds of significant companies by providing them with insight and information on their various products and services. They currently run various studies, information of which is made available to holders of an online account.

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