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Are Get Paid for Survey Offers Legit or a Scam?

The advent of the Internet has provided a vast array of opportunities to make money by working from home. It is almost impossible to not come across websites or emails promising vast incomes with very little work. One of the most common of these work-at-home promotions are companies that invite people to “Get Paid for Surveys”. Featuring testimonials from average people who are making thousands of dollars per month by completing surveys online, these offers are enticing to anyone wishing to generate or supplement an income with very little time investment. But are these offers legit or are they a scam?

The answer to that question lies somewhere in the middle. As with almost any type of business, there are a majority of companies who offer legitimate opportunities mixed with a few scam artists seeking to trick people out of their money and personal information for little or no return. The best way to get paid for surveys is to understand the differences between the legitimate survey companies and those who are promoting a scam.

The number of legitimate offers to get paid for surveys far outnumbers the scam offers because the honest companies provide a vital service. These are market research entities that are paid by large corporations to research what the public thinks or feels about a product. Every year, hundreds of thousands of businesses rely on data from real people for determining product development or improvements, advertising themes and customer satisfaction. This data is invaluable for long-term business survival and that is why companies pay very well in return for getting a little personal information from those who are willing to complete surveys.

Legitimate market research companies will always be very clear and straightforward in their offers. Many of these companies have been in business for decades and will not jeopardize their reputation through exaggerated promises of unlimited incomes or understate the time commitment needed to participate in their program. They always provide information on their corporate structure, how much a person can earn from completing a survey, be very clear about how and when someone is paid and fully explain their policies on safeguarding personal information. The most important thing is that a legitimate survey company will never ask for a fee to join.

Unfortunately, there are a small number of scam survey companies now dominating the Internet. They invest large amounts of money on fake offers for very simple reasons. All they are interested in is obtaining someone's personal information, money, or both, while offering very little in return. In many cases, they will send surveys to people who join their program, but these surveys are not used for any legitimate purpose. By the time the surveys have been sent to someone, the company already has a vast amount of personal information on a person that is combined into a huge database that is then resold to other businesses. When a fee is required to participate, more often than not all someone will receive in return is a directory of other online survey companies that can easily be found for free through a little research.

The easiest way to spot a scam offer to get paid for surveys is through exaggerated claims or misleading information on how participants are compensated for their time. Many will tout that someone can make as much as $250 per hour. Although there are opportunities to make that much per hour by participating in an important study or focus group, the reality is that the average survey will only pay somewhere between $2 and $30. And as opposed to the legitimate survey companies that actually pay someone in cash, the scam offers will bury in the fine print that participants will be paid through points that can be used to purchase items offered by the company, gift cards or other forms of remuneration that are "equal to" a dollar value.

There are many legitimate survey companies through which people can make a decent, steady income. The best way to separate the legitimate companies from scam offers is to research the vast amount of information on getting paid for surveys that is now available through the Internet.

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