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Ethic Rules For Online Survey Panelists

Everyone is aware that online surveys provide a great way for home based entrepreneurs to earn additional income, or even replace their income. Businesses need the information from these surveys to develop and market their products. Politicians need to know how the people they represent feel. This information is so important that they are willing to pay to obtain the answers. However, for this type of program to remain legitimate, panelists must follow the 5 Ethic Rules to survey completion. Failure to comply to these rules will result in market research companies seeking other methods of data collection. These rules include:

  • Single Accounts With Each Survey Company
  • Answering All Questions Honestly
  • Give Quality Answers On Essay Questions
  • Devote Proper Amount Of Time To Each Survey
  • Keep Demographic Information Current On Each Survey Site
  1. Single Accounts. In the past, when online surveys began to appear more frequently, there were panelists that decided to earn more money, they would open multiple accounts. Using different email and mailing addresses, the same person was completing several of the same survey to multiply their earnings. This type of action corrupted the integrity of the research and many survey companies were forced to implement filters into their system. The cost of these changes greatly reduced the payment amounts the panelist received. Many survey companies changed their payment policy to reflect this type of activity to offering only entries into a contest. It was their belief that a person would not be inclined to fill out a survey multiple times if they did not receive direct compensation. While it is still recommended to participate in these types of surveys, it greatly reduced the income opportunities for the rest of the people taking surveys for income on the Internet.
  2. Honesty. Any entity that puts a survey out into circulation does so because they seek the truth. They do not want to be told that their product is great, if it is not. They do not want to hear that their product is priced well if it is actually too high for anyone to actively make the purchase. They want to hear the truth, and this is why they are willing to pay for the information. Survey panelists are all anonymous. Demographics are the only distinguishing factor in any survey. For example, the company may learn that 40-45 year old women love their product, but they will not be told that Jane Smith, age 43 loves the product. The anonymity helps people feel secure when they provide a negative answer. There is never any repercussions from providing negative feedback. You will not be disqualified from further research and you will not be contacte din any way.
  3. Quality Written Answers. There are different market research programs that may require you to try a product or service for a period of time and then provide a review. These surveys often include essay type questions and answers so that you can give thorough feedback. Make sure when you are given the opportunity to participate in one of these market research opportunities that you provide quality answers. If the question asks “Did you enjoy using the product?” you need to say more than “yes.” Surveys that include this type of questions pay very well and the panelist will also be given free products to use.
  4. Devote Time. While it is common knowledge that the more surveys you complete each day, the more income you will generate, it is also important to devote the appropriate amount of time to complete the survey completely. Many people are simply clicking through surveys clicking on random answers so that they can move on to the next opportunity. This affects the integrity of the survey and makes your responses useless. Survey companies have begun using random questions throughout the survey to counteract this problem. Make sure you are willing to take the time to read the survey and complete it correctly, otherwise you may see this source of income quickly disappear.
  5. Keep Demographics Current. Survey companies use demographics so that they can guarantee the companies they represent a fair representation of the population. They will send out surveys that reach a specific number of respondents from each demographic category in an effort to receive a response that is balanced. Survey companies also use these demographics for companies that wish to target a specific group to survey. If your information is not correct, you are corrupting the balance of opinions. You may also miss out on many opportunities for surveys targeted specifically for your demographics.
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