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Paid Market Research - Focus Groups and Your Opinions

This article gives you a brief outline of the types of paid surveys you may be likely to receive after you join a variety of the market research companies listed on

Paid surveys

Paid surveys come in many formats; some are simple online surveys in which the participant fills in a series of questions via an online form. These can be as simple as just ticking a corresponding box and writing a few explanatory sentences. Others can be more in-depth and will involve you completing a task like visiting a website and making a purchase (any money you spend is usually reimbursed). You then may be required to explain your experience of the website and how you were treated by any correspondence you had with them.

Focus groups

Focus groups are usually done with a group of people gathered around to talk about a particular product that they have been asked to review. Though these days, it is not uncommon to be done online also. Focus groups usually pay well, because in most cases you will need to travel to a venue to be involved in the group discussion.

Paid market research

Paid market research is just another way of saying paid survey, it simply means a market research company will pay its research or survey participants who complete their assignments in full. Paid market research surveys come in a wide variety of forms, and the type and length of the survey is usually explained in the invitation email.


Which ever way you get involved with paid surveys, you will be rewarded for your opinion. Your time is precious, so you deserve to be paid for any time that you devote to paid online surveys.

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