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ClickIQ United States Canada 
ClickIQ is a large, established and respected market research company, and they are looking for people who are interested in joining their online market research panel. By doing so, you will be contacted with details of their various promotions and surveys, and also be eligible for rewards by doing so.

CMR, Creative Marketing Research International
CMR, Creative Marketing Research is a company specializing in medical research. It offers cash incentives for completing online surveys in the form of points, or users can opt to convert their points into gift vouchers. The site typically has panels of various medical specialists, who are required to participate in ad-hoc, obligation free surveys.

Cobbey & Associates International
Cobbey and Associates conduct many different online and offline market research projects for a variety of interesting clients. At present they are recruiting panel members to take part in focus groups, interviews or online surveys, all of which will offer some form of payment or compensation.

CompuRx United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
CompuRx is a market research company that has been in the game since 1988. They specialize in gathering market research information from people who work within the healthcare industry, including physicians, pharmacists and consumers. Their research is conducted both online and offline, but no compensation is mentioned on their website.

Computerworld’s Inner Circle United States Canada
Computerworld’s Inner Circle Research Panel is a platform for sharing IT best practices, through the facilitation of surveys into technology topics. Members receive monetary and prize rewards for taking part in surveys, as well as access to survey results after the survey’s completion.

Consumer Product Testing Centre Canada
The Consumer Product Testing Centre is always seeking new panelists to participate in taste tests to help Alberta’s agri-food industry, to develop new food products and processes. Panelists must be aged 18 years or older and have registered via the printable online registration form, provided onsite. Your honest opinions and feedback could help in developing new food products that provide greater choice and consumer satisfaction.

Consumer Research Centre Canada
The Consumer Research Centre is a market research company that is based in Vancouver, Canada. While they have some of the most sophisticated focus group facilities in the country, they also regularly conduct online surveys through their website – both of which pay in cash and cash-prize draws respectively.

Consumer Research Panel Canada
The Consumer Research Panel offers a great way for Canadian citizens to share their opinions and receive some significant rewards for doing so. They offer up to $75 for each focus group participated in, and their online surveys offer entry into draws which you have a 1 in 200 chance of winning.

Consumer Vision Canada
Consumer Vision is a market research company that offers Canadian citizens the chance to participate in focus groups and online surveys and be rewarded for doing so. They offer cash compensation for each focus group, and other smaller or token prizes for completing their online surveys. International offers everyday consumers the chance to voice their opinions on a wide range of products and services, in return for honest feedback they provide cash remuneration. All study participants are paid 1-6 euro’s per study with all new panel registrants being entered into their prize draw.

Contract Testing Inc United States Canada
Contract Testing are in the business of gathering market research and opinions on the sensory effects of various household and consumer goods. This research generally involves, taste or smell tests, and requires critical feedback on these elements. They are willing to reward participants, however you must be able to travel to their US or Canadian offices.

Contractor Advisory Board International
The Contract Advisory Board is looking for building and construction contractors of any nature to join their board, participate in their various online market research and opinion-based surveys and discussions, and in turn, receive payment for doing so. As a panel member, you can earn between $10 and $200 per study.

Cosmetic Research Online International is a user-trial cosmetics research website that offers new cosmetic products in exchange for feedback and information on the efficacy of the product. Products are regularly sent to participants based on their profile details, and participants are required to complete online surveys in exchange for them.

CyberEdge International
If you are in the field of either visual stimulation or virtual reality, then CyberEdge is looking to get your opinions and insights on a number of industry related topics. They are looking for people to conduct various tests and provide feedback on a number of related issues, which will earn participants access to research results.

CyberPulse International
If you are interested in participating in a selection of brief, straightforward market research studies, and being rewarded for doing so, then CyberPulse is interested in having you join their panel. They offer entries into draws for cash prizes for those who participate in their online surveys, with prizes up to $100.

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