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Opinion World

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Opinion World is a market research organization that has most of the world covered. They conduct a wide range of online surveys in many countries throughout the world, and they are currently looking for more people to assist them. Participants are generally offered incentives for each survey completed.

opinions@trone United States Canada is a market research website that has been around for a number of years, and they are always looking for new people to join their online market research panel. As a member, you will be eligible to participate in various surveys, each of which offers some form of compensation.

Opinionate International is a market research company that offers a standard, opinion-based array of online questionnaires and polls. They offer attractive awards paid out in a simplistic and straightforward manner. Surveys earn anything between $1.50 and $15, and monies are paid into a PayPal account, or towards the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.

OpinionBar International
OpinionBar offers people interested in sharing their opinions a great chance to tell large corporations exactly what they think about their various products and services, and receive compensation in exchange. For each survey or study that you complete, you will be rewarded in cash payments which you can choose to keep, or donate to charity.

Opinions2Go Canada
Opinions2Go is an online opinion panel that offers membership to residents of Canada, aged 13 years or older. As a member you can participate in online surveys, product testing and focus groups to provide your honest consumer opinions, for cash or prize rewards. Members can also opt to donate their cash rewards to charity. Membership is available online through their provided registration form.

Paid Survey Topia United States Canada United Kingdom Australia
If you are interested in participating in a wide range of studies for various different market research organizations, then Paid Survey Topia offers a decent package. This website will invite you to participate in a range of different surveys, many of which earn participants prizes and cash.

People VIP International
Join the People VIP online community to share your thoughts and opinions on a range of products, services, and topics through online surveys. Earn rewards of member-only event invitations or promotions, as well as entries into their ‘Dreams Come True’ Sweepstakes. Membership to the panel can be obtained by simply completing their online registration form.

Persuadable Research United States Canada
Persuadable Research is an innovative online market research organization, and they conduct a variety of web-based focus groups and surveys. They are currently inviting people from all walks of life to participate in these studies, each of which offers participants entries into cash prize draws for $100.

Physicians Council International
The Physicians Advisory Council is a respected international group of physicians, surgeons and healthcare professionals who are interested in sharing their opinions on a range of topics, and by doing so assist relevant companies to improve their products and services. Participation in the program also attracts cash honorariums of up to $200.

Pinecone Research

United States Canada United Kingdom Germany

Pinecone Research conduct a variety of market research surveys through their website, and they are looking for people to answer questions about products and services. They mainly make use of online surveys and user-feedback on product samples sent out to participants. They compensate users with cash, vouchers and free samples.

PlanetPanel International
PlanetPanel is an online market research organization that offers members the chance to interact with people in countries from around the world. They also conduct regular online surveys, and they are currently looking for people from all walks of life to participate in these.

Product Testing Services United States Canada International
Product Testing Services was one of the first market research organizations to make use of the Internet to conduct various product trials, and nearly 25 years on they are still looking for people to participate. The studies are generally in the form of product trials, and the majority offer some form of incentive.

Public Opinions Canada

Public Opinions knows that one of its most important resource is its panelists. This is why they strive to make your experience with them a positive one. At Public Opinions you get to share your opinions with companies and various branches of the government regarding the products and services you use in your daily life. Public Opinions offer a variety of rewards such as gift certificates, prize draws, cash payments, charitable donations and more.

Radio Music Survey International
If you are interested in shaping the kind of music that radio stations throughout the United States, Canada and Europe play, then consider joining the Radio Music Survey panel, where you will be able to participate in a range of interesting studies in exchange for entries into prize draws.

RateTheMusic International
If you are interested in playing a role in the music industry, then it might be worth considering what has to offer. They conduct a range of online surveys and listening tests, which are used by major radio stations to assess what music to play. No rewards are offered for participation.

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