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Everything You Need to Get Started Taking Paid Online Surveys Right Now - From the Trusted, Proven Experts at

This is an exciting opportunity for you and we have some valuable, timesaving tips to help you get started off on the right foot.

  1. You will want to set up an email address specifically for this new opportunity. You will want this email address to be separate from the personal email address you currently use. This will help to really streamline the process as you move forward.

    Because you will make more money by participating in more surveys, you will want to register with as many of our partner companies as possible. This will allow you to maximize your income with minimal effort as you move forward.

    Go ahead and set up a new work email address just for taking your new paid online surveys. Then, register with as many of handpicked partners as you can.

    Once set-up, you will want to check this email inbox regularly, at least once a day because your opportunities will be delivered to you here and you don’t want to miss them. Keep in mind that if you wait to long to respond, the opportunity may no longer be available.

  2. Another great timesaver, one that will help you quickly and effortlessly complete the registration process with each of our partner companies is RoboForm. This amazing software not only fills out time-consuming forms for you, it manages all of your passwords, making it tool you simply will not want to be without.

    And, because we truly value you as a member of the team, we provide RoboForm free to you. After all, we know you’re here to make money and want to help you do just that and that means making sure your time is spent completing our free paid surveys and not filling out forms or fumbling to find your passwords.

    RoboForm is completely safe and can even sync your passwords and safe notes to a Palm and Pocket PC.

  3. Take a minute now to visit our Most Popular section, where you will find our best-liked partners and opportunities in a single place. This is where you will want to start. Using the free RoboForm software, you can quickly and easily take advantage of our most popular picks in not time at all.

  4. When signing up for paid surveys with the carefully chosen partner sites in our Most Popular section or anywhere else on the site, you may want to bookmark the partner sites that have a login section, especially is they offer an account section that lets you check information from your login page.

    Once you have done this, take the time to go back and revisit our partner site so you can get acquainted with it before you take any of its online surveys.

  5. Make absolutely sure that you take the time fill out any "profiles" or "profile boosters" for our partner sites that offer them because doing this will increase your odds of being selected for a survey, which means more revenue-generating opportunities for you!

    In doing this, be honest. As you start taking these surveys, you'll realize that these are real companies looking for YOUR honest feedback. You have an opportunity to influence the products you buy, but you can only do this if you are honest about you, your interests, etc.

  6. You may also want to go ahead and sign-up for a free PayPal account. This takes just a minute and will benefit you, as there are a handful of partner companies that pay you electronically via PayPal.


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