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Start Survey is seeking to expand their database, and is therefore looking for interested persons who’d like to participate in online surveys. These surveys offer every day consumers the opportunity to voice their opinions and help to contribute to the provision of better goods and services for everyone. Membership to the panel is free, without commitment and can be terminated at any time. Registration is made easy via an online form. Once you’ve become a registered member, you will receive email invitations to inform you of surveys that are available. These invitations also include details of how long the survey will take, and how much you will be paid for your participation in it. For example an average survey of 15 minutes will earn you 3 euro’s. There is also an added opportunity to earn more rewards with all new registrations being entered into their prize draw.

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General Information

  • Accepts Members From: International (All Countries)

  • Age Requirements: 14

  • Type of Rewards: Cash, usually 1-6 euro’s per survey, to be accumulated to a minimum of 10 before requesting a bank transfer.

  • Sweepstakes, Prize Draws or Competitions: Prize draws - though the frequency of which is not specified.

  • What is The Minimum Payment. This is the Amount Needed to Request a Redemption or Payout: 10 euro’s must be accumulated before requesting a bank transfer.

Company Information

  • Physical Location of this Survey Company’s Office:

    Steendiek 43
    21129 Hamburg

  • Type of Market Research They Conduct: Online surveys and product tests.

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Member Ratings & Reviews


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Comments By: Allan From: United Kingdom
Comment: – ( - UPDATE

Hi, is part of the Germany based Consumerfieldwork GmbH, a Panel Sampling & Internet Surveys company and offers survey services in Germany and the United Kingdom. The site also implies that they provide these services in many other European and Scandinavian countries and including the United States and Russia.

Last month I submitted a review to Yellow Surveys for, but left the review a little “open ended”.
I requested my first payment from Consumer – on 22 June 2011 and at the time of submitting the review to Yellow Surveys I was still awaiting payment.

Previous experience with survey sites has taught me that there are some “rogue” sites out there, and this has been reflected in some of my reviews on Yellow Surveys.

Payments from seem a little more “long-winded “compared with other survey sites since they are made directly into the members bank account – even more so since it is an international transfer.

I am very pleased to report that the payment was received into my account on 19 July 2011 – not quite a month later.
Quite unexpectedly, I even received a letter from my bank advising me of the receipt.

So I can now confirm my initial ratings for

I hope my review has helped you decide whether to join

Thanks again…
Date: Jul 22, 2011

Overall Rating:
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Survey Incentives:
Panel Legitimacy:
Comments By: Allan From: United Kingdom
Comment: – (


Consume is part of the Germany based Consumerfieldwork GmbH, a Panel Sampling & Internet Surveys company and offers survey services in Germany and the United Kingdom. The site also implies that they provide these services in many other European and Scandinavian countries and including the United States and Russia.

Visiting presents me with a rather clinical looking home page, mainly black text with blue highlighting on a white background – very clean looking but none-the-less attractive and clearly designed.
The first thing I notice is that the site is dual language, a drop-down menu allows the selection of German or English language only, however, gaining experience with this site reveals that this does not always work properly, often switching languages whilst exploring the site and sometimes even mixing languages on the same page – more about this later.

A menu bar at the top of the page provides buttons to allow me to:-

“Register” – enter personal details, name address, email address, telephone number, password etc. Here I find the first example of a mixed language page – two list boxes ask me to “Bitte wahlen” – which translates into “Please select” my “Country” and “Language”. The “Country” list box presents a choice of 21 countries.
Being only a German or English website, I am not quite sure how the Greek, Russian, Italian, Swedish or Finnish (etc) members manage, unless of course they understand German or English. “Login” – for existing members to enter email address and password plus some information about payment policy,
“Activities” – here I can learn how I can earn extra money as an affiliate if I have my own website,
“FAQs” – an adequate collection of FAQs,
“Conditions” – Usual T&Cs – including applicants must be over 14 years old, membership is free and can be terminated at any time,
“Site Info” – provides comprehensive information about the operators, corporate address, email address and telephone numbers.
The “Home” page explains how by completing surveys I can earn between 1 and 6 Euros (1 to 5GBP) per survey – no coupons, points or vouchers just straight-forward cash – Great !
But more about rewards and how they are paid later.

The “Conditions” page also claims that “For some surveys, participants will be entered into a prize draw. Notification of the monetary prize available will be given in the invitation email” – although so far I have not received such.

After logging on I am presented with my Account Statement/Payment summary. This provides details of my:-
1) Current credit amount in Euros,
2) Date of the last credit,
3) Received credit (paid out) in Euros,
4) Date of last payment, which in my case currently contains “No payment until now” (Visitors will discover that occasionally the translation into English is not perfect - but often amusing), and
5) Messages – which at the moment in my case contains “Auszahlung angefordert 22.06.2011 20:28:43” or translated says “Payment requested 22.06.2011 20:28:43” – another example of a mixed language screen.
This is self-explanatory and tells me that I requested payment on 22/06/2011 at 20:28:43, so precise. A sub-menu offers me the opportunity to change my password, change email address, change personal data, Terminate membership or Log-out.
The lower part of the screen reminds me that my “assets must at least be as high as 10.00 euro” and that, I, as a UK member will “automatically receive the amount converted in British pounds without further ado.”
Exploring their site will reveal a plethora of amusing translations.

And now - a shock, the foregoing constitutes the entire website.
Nowhere can I find a list of surveys ready for me to take, an historical list of surveys I have taken, rewards I have earned or individual payments I have received.
In my previous reviews on, even when the survey website provides a history of all the surveys taken on their website, I have emphasised the need for survey takers to keep their own record of all surveys taken in order to reconcile these against the survey history on the survey website.
Now with it is absolutely essential – because the website contains NONE of this information. The only method available to check whether payment has been made for surveys is by checking the accumulated total so far “Current credits (EUR)” on my “Account Statement” page. However, this is not so easy – due to currency differences – explanation later!

Now for the important stuff – surveys and rewards.

No details appear on the website regarding available surveys; I receive survey invitations via email only, which are attractive, clear and easy to read. The survey details provided are the reward, the estimated completion time and the subject of the survey. A survey reference is included but is not easily spotted as the very last line of the email.
All very good, but as far as using this information to keep track of surveys against the website is concerned, it is almost useless.

As previously mentioned I earn Euros for completing surveys and my accumulated total on the website is displayed in Euros, however, I notice an anomaly in my email invitations since the reward quoted in them is expressed in GBP.
This introduces a reconciliation difficulty since after having completed the survey; I have to convert the reward from GBP to Euros before I can compare my total with the website. Now, I must allow up to six weeks for a credit to be made and since exchange rates vary, this raises the question when do I carry out the conversion, upon completing the survey or when the credit is made – the exchange rate could have changed a good deal in that time.
Since I may take one or two more surveys in the meantime, with similar rewards, it can be difficult to determine which survey I have been paid for.
This may seem a little “finicky” but when having to email the survey site support team about a missing payment it is important to at least have some idea which survey I am claiming for, and in the case of the reward is the only reference that can be quoted.
Typical earnings can be seen from some of my past examples and demonstrates that rewards are very varied and is quite a high earner:-
3 minutes = 0.50GBP
5 minutes = 1.55GBP
15 minutes = 3.40GBP
20 minutes = 3.70GBP
25 minutes = 5.00GBP

I joined in January 2010, since then I have completed 14 surveys and earned 25.80 Euros.
That is less than one survey a month, nevertheless, it is still very worthwhile being a member - surveys are interesting and varied and although infrequent I only need 3 or 4 surveys to reach a payout.

When my accumulated balance reaches 10 Euros, I can request a payment; this is transferred directly into my bank account. My bank details are not requested until I enter into the redemption sequence; this for me, introduced a hurdle to overcome.
Since the payment is an international payment, it is not adequate just to quote my usual Bank Sort Code and Account Number.
The payment sequence requests an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Bank Identifier Code (BIC).

Bank customers receiving a paper statement in their mail can usually examine their statement to find these numbers. I, however, who bank totally online, receive no paper statements, so a telephone call to my bank was necessary to discover these numbers.
Once in possession of these numbers, completing the payment request sequence on the website was no problem and the website gave me a confirmatory message that my request had been submitted.
However, what would have made me feel better is if I had received a reassuring email to further confirm my action.
According to the website, payments are made “1-2 times per month at the moment. As a result it should not take longer than 4 weeks… …. Mostly it will be faster.”

The sad fact is – it would be so much easier to use PayPal.

Before joining a new survey panel, I always like to visit the panel’s website, at least to get some idea of the credibility and professionalism of the organisers and to read through their FAQs. is a survey site that, when visited, will raise doubts with some visitors and is certainly one about which I have mixed feelings.
I am amazed that such an apparently large survey organisation with potential members in at least 21 countries has a website that is so obviously lacking in detail and facilities and with so many construction and design anomalies.
Their rewards for completing surveys are very good, in fact excellent, yet the amateurish and low-tech of their website does not instil confidence and can leave a visitor doubting whether to register or not.

In my case, so far, they have honoured their responsibility by accurately recording my balance on their website.
I requested my first payment on 22 June 2011, as at the time of submitting this review I have not yet received the payment, however, I will submit an update to this website as soon as the outcome is known.

Previous experience with survey sites has taught me that there are some “rogue” sites out there, and this has been reflected in some of my reviews on Yellow Surveys. has yet to prove itself to me by completing my payment, so please bear in mind that the ratings I have given to are made on the understanding that a payment will be received.

Watch this space!

I hope my review has helped/will help you decide whether to join

Date: Jun 30, 2011

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