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In Your Opinion is an online panel of members who have signed up to take part in market research surveys and polls. These surveys and polls help to gather information on consumer opinions, and can assist a wide range of companies, government agencies, product developers, manufacturers, advertisers and other consumers alike. By sharing your honest feedback and opinions on goods and services you use regularly, you can have your say on what things you like or dislike, and how a product or service could be improved or changed to better suit consumer desires. It’s a great way to make your opinions count towards a greater good, helping you and fellow consumers to have the kinds of products and services you really want.

What’s even better is that IYO will reward you for your contributions with cash payments made through PayPal and entries into their monthly and annual sweepstakes. Each month there is a sweepstakes draw to win 50 Euros for each country, plus there is the annual sweepstakes draw to win 10,000 Euros! So there are many opportunities to be rewarded for your efforts. Another feature of IYO is that you can now communicate with other panel members, and create your own polls to earn additional rewards. If you would like to find out more about In Your Opinion simply visit their website, where you’ll also find their registration form to sign up as an IYO member.

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General Information

  • Accepts Members From: International

  • Age Requirements: Not Specified

  • Type of Rewards: Cash, Euros accumulated til payout. Payments made by PayPal. Entries into Monthly and Annual Lotteries.

  • Sweepstakes, Prize Draws or Competitions: Monthly Lottery to win 50 Euros for each country. Annual Lottery to win 10,000 Euros.

  • What is The Minimum Payment. This is the Amount Needed to Request a Redemption or Payout: 20 Euros

Company Information

  • Physical Location of this Survey Company’s Office:

    mo'web GmbH, Mertensgasse 12
    40213 Düsseldorf, HRB 49478

  • Type of Market Research They Conduct: Online surveys and opinion polls.

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Member Ratings & Reviews


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Comments By: Allan From: United Kingdom
Comment: In Your Opinion –


“in your opinion” is an international survey and community site operated by mo'web GmbH an international online research agency based in Düsseldorf, Germany, offering online panels since early 2002 for many countries and in several languages including German, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian.

Visiting presents me with a pleasant, uncluttered home page, with a white background but with colourful, amusing cartoon-like characters and a colourful logo.
The home page informs me that for every survey I take I can earn cash and how I can support companies and governments on their decisions to improve products and services.
The home page also gives an indication of the community aspect of “in your opinion” by being able to communicate with other members.
A large panel to the right provides a facility for newcomers to register which allows creation of a screen name by which newcomers will become known to other members of the community if they so wish - more of this later.

The site is multi-language, a row of links near the bottom of the page allow me to switch language if I want to, but arriving at the home page I find that English has already been pre-selected - probably by examining my IP address. Experimenting with these buttons obviously changes the language but does not seem to radically change the layout of the site, so, is it safe to assume that rewards, payout and Ts & Cs are the same for everyone? Probably, but see below about PayPal payments.

A further row of links near the bottom of the page allow me to select:-
“Terms” – displays some rather simple Ts & Cs, there is no mention of a minimum age,
“Privacy Policy” – confirming that any personal information provided is safe,
“FAQ” – a comprehensive collection,
“Contact” – providing a free-format text box to type in my query or complaint and an email address in case I want to use my own email client. Also provided here is the company’s address and the names of the directors - so no secrets here.

When I log into my account with my email address and password using the boxes at the top of the screen I am taken to my community page which comprises three columns.

The left-hand column is a list of newcomers with a photograph (if provided), a screen name, country of origin and a “befriend” button, which, if I were to click, makes that member become a friend.
Of course, whether or not that member wants to be my friend is quite a different matter.
But it is a very quick way to make cyberfriends.
The right hand column is a list of the currently most active members with the same details and facilities as for new members.
The centre column is a list of my friends’ recent activities.

One noticeable quality of this site is the extensive use of lower case; even for headings and titles, this seems to give the site a friendly appearance, this together with the cartoon-like characters on the home page is reminiscent of children’s books - a feature I find curiously likeable.

Near the top of the page is a row of buttons providing a series of drop-down menus, the first “community” button provides the following options:-
“community” - just described,
“search friends” – an excellent search facility to find your friends using name, email address, country, language or gender, or any combination,
“votes” – where I can vote on simple opinion polls that other members have created,
“photos” – where I can view photographs submitted by other members, a simple search facility is provided,
“lottery” – explains how, by completing surveys I earn tickets into the monthly lottery where one member from each country can win 50 Euros – but see below. Winners are advised by email,
“promotion” – contains a registration link containing my own personal identification. I can copy and paste this link into my websites if I have any, or on forums or anywhere allowed. If anyone clicks the link, registers and completes a survey then I receive 100 “experience points” – more about these later.

The second button “profile” provides the following options:-
“profile” – a summary of my personal details with statistics including date joined, number of experience points, number of friends, number of votes and comments etc,
“votes” – allows me to create a vote or poll,
“photos” – allows me to create a photo album,
“surveys” – here are two sub-options, (1) new surveys – a list of surveys available for me to take, and (2) “old surveys” - provides me with an historical list of surveys completed together with date completed and the outcome with a record of the reward, but alas, no reference number, here I also find a short list of the more frequent FAQ,
“account” – this provides four sub-options (1) “status” – this displays my account balance in Euros, my experience points balance and the number of lottery tickets I have accumulated, (2) “pay off” – here if I have earned at least 20 Euros I can start the payout routine - more about this later, (3) “lottery” provides my current total of lottery tickets and how the lottery works - more about this later, and (4) “resign account” – self-explanatory.
“edit” – allows me to change my personal profile details - not all details are mandatory and I can select which information I wish to appear in my public profile, if any. I can click tabs at the top of the page which allow me to add personal information under the categories of “occupation”, “transport”, “living”, “consumption”, “computer” and “health”. By completing these profiles, I am sure that any surveys I am asked to complete will be pre-selected to fit my profile – so, hopefully, fewer screen outs.

The third button “friends” provides the following options:-
“friends” – displays a list of my friends, upon registering I immediately became a friend of the “in my opinion” administrator. So no one can complain about not having at least one friend,
“search friends” – using any of several parameters including name, email, country, language and gender,
“invite friends” – here I find three further options. (1) “group invitation” – a very useful feature which allows me to import my contacts from various well-known (and not so well-known) social websites, (2) “invite friend” – allows me to invite a single friend and (3) “edit friends” – where I can remove a friend from my list of friends.

The fourth and last button “inbox” is for communication with other members and has two options:-
“inbox” – where a list of messages sent to me by other members is displayed. Clicking on a message opens it for reading and allows me to reply.
“new message” – provides me with my list of friends, clicking on a friends details opens a text box where I can type my new message.

On every page of the site I visit, a status box appears in the top right corner of the page, which shows my screen name (confirming that I am indeed logged on), my current experience points total (xp), and my country of origin. One useful additional feature that should be included here is an indicator alerting me to any messages I may have received in my inbox from other members.
Unless I deliberately visit my inbox I have no idea if any messages are waiting for me.

Now for information about surveys, points and rewards.

A list of available surveys appears on the website but I am also sent invitations by email. These are simple text format but are easy to read and provide details about the reward, there is no indication of how long the survey will take nor is there a unique reference number, so if like me, you like to keep track of your points and rewards, all you have available to reconcile them with is date completed and the reward.
The emails also tell me that after completing the survey, I will be entered into the monthly draw to win the 500 Euro prize or one of the five second place prizes of 50 Euros each. This contradicts the website where the prize is stated as a single one of 50 Euros only. An annual 10,000 Euro jackpot is also mentioned in the email which is not mentioned on the website. Lottery tickets are valid for the month in which they are issued only but are held for inclusion in the annual lottery.
I cannot confirm which of these two scenarios is correct because, alas, I have never won.
One thing conspicuous by its absence is a list of lottery winners.
Nowhere on the website can I find a list of winners, at all. Nor is there any indication or advice about how I can obtain one. If a page exists on the site that provides a winners list, then this should appear on the site map, but alas, the site does not contain a site map.
This is quite surprising since generally, the site is extremely well-planned, well designed and easy to navigate.

I can also earn “experience points” (xp) for completing surveys, inviting friends, creating votes and general interaction on the site. When I have accumulated 1000 xp, 1 Euro is added to my account.

The rewards vary quite widely but from my experience range between 1 and 5 Euros. Since “in your opinion” does not provide time estimations, I cannot provide any “reward by minute” figures. The time taken to complete a survey is subjective and quoting my personal completion times would be meaningless.
When I reach 20 Euros I can request a “pay off”. This is made through PayPal and the transfer is made at the end of each month. However, they “can only process from the 14th of the actual month to the 15th of the previous month”. I assume what this means is any requests for pay off received after the 14th day of a month are held over until the following month – so you will be waiting at least two weeks but could be up to six weeks.
Members in South Africa and Russia are not paid through PayPal – there is no mention of how members in these countries are paid. Even passing the relevant Russian website text through an online translator does not give any clues about how these people are paid.

One aspect of the surveys that I have been invited to that is worthy of note, is that many of them have been quite technical concerning my work background, such as Operating Systems, IT Infrastructure, Networks, Telecommunications etc and so have been more complex and more frequent than the usual, simple survey topics such as shopping habits.
This may put some potential members off a little.

I have never had the need to contact Support about any problems so I cannot comment on speed of response, attitude or satisfaction – but the fact that I have never needed to contact Support is itself a good indication of the legitimacy of the panel.

I joined “in your opinion” in August 2009 since then I have been invited to 110 surveys and successfully completed only 11 (10%) so screen out rate is very high.
I was able to submit a payoff in April 2011, so earnings are slow but steady.

“in your opinion” offers many survey opportunities to earn rewards, I recommend them as a good and legitimate survey site, their surveys can be good earners, if you manage to qualify and don’t mind technical topics, so you may have to work a little harder and for a little longer than many other survey sites but surveys crop up quite frequently.

Overall, “in your opinion” offers their member a viable community site with excellent facilities with the ability to make extra cash.
The community spirit is strong and provides an opportunity for some innocent cyber socialising.

I hope this review has helped you to decide whether or not to join “in your opinion”.


Date: Aug 31, 2011

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