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OnePoll runs online surveys, that users from around the world can participate in, and they’re looking for people to join their growing number of panelists. Registration with the site is free, and an account is open immediately from which you can begin earning a variety of rewards.

The sheer quantity of polls active at any one time makes this website an attractive option, and generally there are between 20 and 30 polls that are open at once. Rewards vary greatly, from randomly selected cash and prize winners, to specific paid for surveys. The majority of surveys offer those who complete it the chance to win cash prizes and build up cash credits. Each participant in the competition surveys is given an equal chance to win cash prizes between £100 and £1000, while the paid for surveys garner rewards from between 25p and £5 per survey.

Each member gets a OnePoll account, where all cash for answering the surveys is stored. When your account balance reaches £40, OnePoll will send through a check.

The concept is a good one, therefore. Unlike other research sites, OnePoll has a fair amount of dealings in cash, mixed in with a selection of regular competitions. And, owing to the fact that the surveys are straightforward and completed in a matter of minutes, this site is an increasingly popular way to earn revenue from sharing your opinion.

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General Information

  • Accepts Members From: United Kingdom

  • Age Requirements: Not Specified

  • Type of Rewards: Cash rewards, paid by check.

  • Sweepstakes, Prize Draws or Competitions: Monthly cash draws between £100 and £1000.

  • What is The Minimum Payment. This is the Amount Needed to Request a Redemption or Payout: £40

Company Information

  • Physical Location of this Survey Company’s Office:

    The Media Centre, Abbeywood Business Park, Emma-Chris Way, Filton, Bristol BS34 7JU

  • Type of Market Research They Conduct: Online surveys and polls.

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Member Ratings & Reviews


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Comments By: Allan From: United Kingdom
Comment: ONEPOLL –


OnePoll is a British based market research organisation and a division of the SWNS Group (South West News Service) – the UK’s largest independent press agency. Operating for over seven years and with a claimed active survey panel of over 100,000 members, OnePoll boasts many well known companies with household and high street names here in the UK, amongst their clientele. They offer mobile and computer based surveys to panellists as well as focus groups and interviews to UK citizens only.

Visiting their web site presents me with a very impressive home page comprising contrasting black and white areas broken by various images and tasteful areas of blue. Somewhat cluttered, but with well-spaced text areas, the home page is very busy and contains an abundance of information which makes the reader wonder what the remainder of the website contains. However, the clever design of the home page makes it easy to read and serves as an invitation to the reader to explore further.

The right hand side of the page, mainly black text on white, contains information about OnePoll, and indeed, an excellent job is done to sell OnePolls features, consisting of company statistics and a rolling banner of logos owned by their many clients. Very impressive indeed.
The left hand side of the page contains a well-designed, white text on black menu and provides links to the various places where both clients and survey panellists would want to visit. Since this review is focussed on the survey aspects of OnePoll, I will describe the survey links only:-
“About Us” – a brief review of OnePoll,
“Our Panel” – provides an insight into panel members and a telephone number to call should I want more information, this panel is referred to as the “Central Panel”,
“Specialist Panels” – an intriguing page describing thirteen sub-panels which members may join. Each sub-panel has a descriptive name such as “SilverPoll” (over 50’s), “MumPoll” (mothers), “PopcornPoll” (cinemagoers). On the surface, this would seem to be an excellent and novel idea. However, it is purely a mechanism to target specialist surveys to particular groups of people, the same objective is achieved by most other survey sites through personal profiles completed by panellists. Once again the telephone number is provided to call for more information,
“Poll Data” – an interesting page where OnePoll members can download the results of previously conducted surveys,
“Contact Us” – postal addresses, telephone numbers, and an email facility is provided. Even individual names and telephone numbers for specific enquiries are provided. No secrets here. “Data Hub” – a very interesting page comprising news, features and events. Well worth a look.
“Join Our Panel” – a button which takes me through the registration process.

When I log on to OnePoll I am presented with a different menu offering links to:-

“Overview” – a list of surveys to me and whether the reward is cash or prize – more about this later,
“My Details” – an opportunity to edit my personal details, curiously I couldn’t access this page,
“Survey History” – a list of previously completed surveys together with Subject, Type (paid or prize), the reward, and the date completed,
“Competition Winners” – a full list of winners with Survey Name, the Prize and the full name of the winner,
“FAQs” – a very short list, in fact only four, however, an email address is provided for further enquiries. It is interesting to note that the FAQs (such as they are) are only visible to members after logging on,

“Earn” – for referrals – I can provide the email address of up to five people to refer. When a referrals account reaches GBP20 I receive GBP1, when it reaches GBP40 I receive GBP2.50.

OnePoll also offers an app for iPhone users enabling members to complete surveys “on the go”.

On some pages of the OnePoll website, a banner invites me to join OnePoll+, a separate survey site where “OnePoll has joined forces with a number of other panel providers in order to offer its members… … a unique opportunity to answer more surveys”. The link takes me directly to the registration page with no opportunity to view FAQs or any other details of the site.

OnePoll also offers a “CashBack” facility with over 2000 retailers in the UK. This is a completely separate website requiring a different login and password.

To summarise, the OnePoll website is a very impressive site indeed, and a newcomer to the site cannot help getting the impression that becoming a member of the OnePoll panel must be a good move.

However, this is where the good news ends as I now switch to the subject of surveys and rewards.

I joined OnePoll in May 2009 and received an immediate signup bonus of GBP2.50 - fine.
However, my first disappointment was to discover that I had to log on to the OnePoll website to discover if I had any new surveys available - not a desirable chore to have to do. OnePoll did not send email notifications of available surveys and after a few wasted visits to OnePoll to find no surveys available, the novelty soon wore off, and logging on to OnePoll stopped appearing on my “ToDo” list.
In October 2010 after an absence of eighteen months and no completed surveys, I received an email from OnePoll headed “OnePoll wants you back” within which OnePoll acknowledged that I had not logged on for over a year. OnePoll also admitted “Some of you do not like logging on to see what surveys are available. So now we e-mail to notify you of new surveys that are online!”
A wise move, obviously other members had found the need to log on to OnePoll an unnecessary chore.

I started to receive email invitations. Then I discovered disappointment number two – the rewards.
The rewards are either an entry into a competition or a cash amount credited to my account.
The competition is specific to each survey and prizes of GBP50, GBP75, GBP100 and occasionally GBP200 are offered.
The cash amounts for the few surveys I completed ranged from GBP0.05 to GBP0.30 depending on the survey. OnePoll’s own surveys, rather than estimated as a length of time to complete are expressed as a number of “questions”. Bearing in mind that a “question” is not necessarily a single question requiring a single answer but could be a complex grid or table to be completed, the following are examples of rewards:-

18 questions = GBP0.15
24 questions = GBP0.15
39 questions = GBP0.20.

Some surveys are conducted by third parties an example of rewards earned in these cases is:-

15 minutes = GBP0.35

Between 21 October 2009 and 6 June 2011 I managed to complete only 16 surveys, I never earned more than GBP0.20 for a survey and my total earnings stands at GBP3.70 - not very good for eight months membership. But the true Achilles heel of OnePoll is the extremely high cashout threshold of GBP40. This is a very high threshold indeed particularly considering that the earnings are so low. Assuming I continue to earn GBP3.70 each eight months, it would take me 86 months – over seven years – to reach GBP40.
One positive point however, If a member does manage to reach GBP40, payment is made through BACS or PayPal – no vouchers.

Very soon, the email invitations reduced in number and now I receive very few indeed, if any.
I decided that continuing with OnePoll was not viable and I have not completed any surveys since June 2011.

Unfortunately, OnePoll is a mixture of extremes.
One extreme is the truly magnificent website and the range of facilities it offers, which I must rate very highly amongst all the survey sites.
The other extreme is the very poor survey panel member experience offered by the site. The extremely low rewards, the extremely high cash out threshold, and the rather pathetic survey notification interface.

Since Yellow Surveys and this review is concerned with the legitimacy of the surveys and not website design and functionality, I am afraid I must rate OnePoll very low.

I hope this review has helped you to decide whether or not to join OnePoll.


Date: Sep 29, 2012

Overall Rating:
Survey Frequency:
Survey Incentives:
Panel Legitimacy:
Comments By: Felicity C. From: United Kingdom
Comment: I have been using OnePoll for two-three weeks now and have received new surveys nearly every day - their survey frequency is better than any other survey site that I have used so far.

It is definitely a legit website, runs smoothly, doesn't send you any junkmail, etc.

The incentives are mediocre. Some surveys are for prize draws, some are for cash, I would say about 50/50 split. The majority of the cash surveys are for 10p, 15p or 25p which does mean that although there are a lot of surveys, your cash balance goes up quite slowly. You have to make £40 before you can withdraw. But in two-three weeks I have already made £3.25 which is nearly the highest out of all the survey websites I have joined so far. So it isn't an overly bad earner. The surveys are pretty short and easy which I think is why the cash prizes are slightly lower than some other websites.

I qualify for the majority of the surveys that are handed to me, I would say around 75%. The ones I don't qualify for are because I don't have children - if you have a child I would recommend this website, you'll most likely qualify for 100% of them.

Overall I would recommend this website.
Date: Aug 23, 2011

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