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Survey Network is seeking new members to become a part of their database, to participate in online surveys. These surveys not only give you the opportunity to voice your opinions on a range of goods and services, but they also give you the opportunity to earn cash for doing so. By registering as a member, you’re already on your way to earning your first £1 as a bonus, with the opportunity to earn up to £10 for each completed survey. And although monetary rewards are a great benefit, some participants feel that having their opinions heard is the real reward, because ultimately it’s these opinions that help to shape the goods and services that are available to the consumer market. By providing your opinions, you too can have a say on what is available to the public and what needs to be improved upon; it’s your way to have your say. If you are interested in assisting Survey Network with their market research surveys simply register via their online form, provided onsite. Once your membership is complete you will be able to receive and complete surveys for cash rewards paid via PayPal. So if you’re a UK resident, why not earn some extra cash by participating in surveys for Survey Network.

Not only can you earn rewards for doing surveys at Survey Network, you can also invite your friends and they will reward you 10% referral fee, which means you will get 10% of whatever your referral makes completing surveys for as long as they are an active member.

Sign up now for free and receive a £1 registration bonus just for joining.

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General Information

  • Accepts Members From: United Kingdom

  • Age Requirements: Accepts members of all ages. Participants younger than 18 years old must obtain permission from parents / guardians to join (See Survey Networks terms of use for more details if you are under 18 years).

  • Type of Rewards: Cash payments via PayPal.

  • Sweepstakes, Prize Draws or Competitions: None Mentioned.

  • What is The Minimum Payment. This is the Amount Needed to Request a Redemption or Payout: Minimum payment is £3.

Company Information

  • Physical Location of this Survey Company’s Office:
    Kr. Barona street 33a,
    Riga, Latvia

  • Type of Market Research They Conduct: Online Surveys

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Member Ratings & Reviews


Write a review based on your experiences with this paid surveys panel to be entered into our monthly draw for $50 Cash, 2 runners up will also receive $20 Cash each (Payments are made via PayPal). Read the full Terms & Conditions for this contest. See our previous Winners.


Overall Rating:
Survey Frequency:
Survey Incentives:
Panel Legitimacy:
Comments By: Victoria Langley From: United Kingdom
Comment: Been with these guys a week and had nothing but problems. I have gone through several surveys and timed out as they are asking me the final questions about my family after the entire survey. Not GOOD!

I have emailed them several times and they send me questions and silly instructions rather than answer my questions. So far been told 3 times to clear cookies before every survey. Asked how often I move browsers and clear cookies and then repeated to clear cookies. These are OBV pre written replies. NOT impressed. With several other companies who are brill this one compared is not fab.

Have completed 3 surveys to end and no money so far after a week.
Date: Apr 18, 2012

Overall Rating:
Survey Frequency:
Survey Incentives:
Panel Legitimacy:
Comments By: madhavi From: United Kingdom
Comment: No doubt you get surveys frequently but as some people said they dont have the database of the pending surveys you have to keep records for your self.And if your lucky you will be paid for the survey completed.If we try to contact the support they have standard formats of ansers.
1. we will credit you when the clien confirms.
2.Do your surveys in different browsers
3.If you are not paid for the survey your completed its your fault you are computer settings are not proper so surveynetwork is not able to track the completed surveys.

If you do4-5surveys you will not be paid for atlest 1of them.
So support is of no use if next time something happens we can guess what will be threir response.
Date: Aug 04, 2011

Overall Rating:
Survey Frequency:
Survey Incentives:
Panel Legitimacy:
Comments By: jeni From: United Kingdom
Comment: ive been with them since Dec 2010 so far they've been ok. BUT the payout level is £20 not £3.00. completed surveys aren't credited very quickly and i can go days without being suitable for any offered surveys. i've had quite a lot of surveys crashing conveniently on the final acceptance page and they wont pay for those. my worst experience a survey that would have lasted over an hour if i hadn't given up after 35mins it was offered as 15 mins. and i was given no compensation even after appealing three times. i think they are worth sticking with though. will come back in a couple of months and let you know
Date: Mar 08, 2011

Overall Rating:
Survey Frequency:
Survey Incentives:
Panel Legitimacy:
Comments By: xurbatronic From: United Kingdom
Comment: I have only been a member of Survey Network for a few days, but have attempted every survey they have sent me. This equates to nine surveys, and I have been screened out of every single one of them! I wouldn't mind this but for the fact that I have had to fill in quite a few details and even answer several pages of what looks exactly like a survey to reach this point before I'm told that I don't qualify on some demographic criteria. I have wasted about 45 minutes of my life on this pointless endeavour, and I won't be wasting any more!
Date: Feb 04, 2011

Overall Rating:
Survey Frequency:
Survey Incentives:
Panel Legitimacy:
Comments By: Allan From: United Kingdom

Part One


I was hoping to be able to write a glowing review for Survey Network, but alas it is not to be. I have waited several weeks before posting this review in the hope that problems I suspect they have with their crediting system would be resolved.

Let me explain by relating my own experiences.

I joined Survey Network in August 2010 after receiving a special invitation email from a referral website which stated "The UK representative of American company QuickRewards offers you to become a participant in researches and receive a guaranteed reward for each of them".

I made special note of the words "guaranteed reward" and immediately I thought – Wow! - no more having to email support about missing rewards - too good to be true? After registration I promptly received my £1 joining bonus - Great! - So far.

I usually receive three "daily" surveys a day of a claimed 15 to 20 minutes each worth 75p or 1GBP although, of course, I didn't qualify for all of them.
Very occasionally I would receive a special invitation email for "one off" surveys worth up to 2GBP though, as yet, I have received no invites for surveys above 2GBP despite their claim to be able to earn up to 10GBP a survey.

Their instructions state “If you don't qualify for a survey, you can keep attempting until you qualify”. However, this can be very time consuming – I very often started a survey only to be rejected after several screens and passed to another survey where the same thing usually happened.

I was often redirected to partner sites and this often resulted in surveys taking much longer than the claimed 15 minutes but the rewards stayed the same.

Each invitation includes the words “It is highly recommended that you clear your cookies before taking the daily survey. This will almost guarantee that you will not have a crediting problem. Your account will get credited within 1-2 working days…”

Now, I use an Excel spreadsheet to keep a record of every survey I complete for each survey panel of which I am a member. (I would advise all survey takers to do this). Within this spreadsheet I record:-
1) the date the survey was issued (not completed),
2) the unique reference number (if there is one),
3) the issuer of the survey e.g.GfK, Toluna etc,
4) the topic of the survey - and finally,
5) the expected reward.
I also keep the invitation email if there is one.

All this information has proved very valuable when claiming missing rewards from survey sites.

Unfortunately, despite the detailed spreadsheet records I keep, it is difficult to reconcile surveys taken for Survey Network by comparing the details within the invitation email with the survey history on the Survey Network website. There is no unique identifier for the survey in the email and the reference in the website survey history does not relate to the email. The only way to link survey invitations to survey history is by approximate date and the reward.
Furthermore, surveys I complete do not appear in my survey history on their website until payment is credited to my account i.e. there is no “pending” status for a survey taken so I can never be sure that when I complete a survey whether or not the survey has been registered as complete.

Part Two

At first, everything with Survey Network seemed to be going well - until I discovered that I wasn't receiving the rewards for some of the surveys taken.
Three weeks after joining and having successfully completed eight surveys, I discovered that payment for FIVE of them was overdue despite the guarantee "Your account will get credited within 1-2 working days." Having emailed their support I received the excuse "Unfortunately, sometimes our partners delay completed survey info. Please accept our apologies for this delay."
I patiently waited and continued taking surveys, but alas the number of unpaid surveys increased.
I emailed support again, this time they claimed that I hadn't taken the surveys at all, possibly because I hadn't cleared my cookies - Wrong! I replied and included a pasted list I had copied from my spreadsheet which included the names of the issuers of the surveys and the topics of the surveys and explained that if I had not taken the surveys how would I know who the survey issuer was and how would I know the topic of the surveys (hence the value of my spreadsheet).
With this information they felt obliged to make an ex gratia payment - fine - but it didn't cover the full total of my uncredited surveys.

Somewhat inspired and feeling a little more confident in the integrity of Survey Network, I continued taking surveys - but the missing rewards just built up.
Several emails later I was receiving the same old excuse about having to wait for their partners to respond.
At this time after taking 58 surveys I have not received payment for 18 of them (almost ONE THIRD) some dating back to mid September.

So not only am I not being paid for surveys, but it is also made difficult to claim because the surveys have no references.

I have suspended taking surveys, it seemed very promising at first - receiving THREE+ surveys a day - but if I can't guarantee getting paid for them - then what's the point?

What started out being a very promising site has turned into a great disappointment. They claim that payment by PayPal takes 2 to 14 days; my first payment took 16 days. Why does it take SurveyNetwork 16 days to make a PayPal payment when other survey sites can do it in only 2 HOURS! The redemption limit is not £3 but a massive £20.

Does Survey Network have any positive aspects?
1) When I emailed support, their responses were swift – sometimes within minutes!
2) Lots of surveys are sent – but whether you get paid for them is another matter.

I have so far earned 42GBP from Survey Network since August 2010, but I have had to work much harder than should be necessary to do so bearing in mind that I have been paid for only two thirds of the surveys taken.
I believe Survey Network could be a genuine survey site and a good way of making extra cash - once they sort out their crediting system. Unfortunately, I have too many unpaid surveys outstanding to be able to call them genuine. However, if you are willing to work hard and don’t mind being disappointed by having to tolerate not being paid for a lot of your surveys then you may find it a useful site.
I hope learning of my experiences with Survey Network have helped you to decide whether or not to join.
Date: Dec 29, 2010

Overall Rating:
Survey Frequency:
Survey Incentives:
Panel Legitimacy:
Comments By: Sumaiya Bhaimia From: United Kingdom
Comment: Hello everybody!

I intend to provide a positive feedback with this review so that it helps others to become aware of the legitimacy of this survey panel.
Survey network sends out 4 survey invitations daily. You will easily qualify for them. Payments are made as promised between 2- 14 days of completing the survey!
And once I redeemed my rewards it was trasnferred into my PayPal account after 13 days exactly!
Further to this here is a phone number you can contact, I have spoken to them myself. 0037167886854
Date: Oct 22, 2010

Overall Rating:
Survey Frequency:
Survey Incentives:
Panel Legitimacy:
Comments By: Sumaiya From: United Kingdom
Comment: Hello everbody!

Allow me to correct you that this minimum payout threshold is not £3.00 but £20.00

I have redeemed it today and lets see how fast I get paid!
Date: Oct 08, 2010

Overall Rating:
Survey Frequency:
Survey Incentives:
Panel Legitimacy:
Comments By: Adam Rosenbloom From: United Kingdom
Comment: Too many surveys sent (up to five email invites per day), but very rarely get any payment for completion.
Neither support nor admin email addresses appear to be real - I just get a message telling me my email to them was undeliverable. I do not believe to be genuine.
Date: Sep 15, 2010

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