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Field Force Australia
If you are interested in participating in various market research studies, then Field Force is the company to go to. They are currently recruiting people who are interested in participating in focus groups, in-person interviews and online surveys, each of which offer cash rewards.

Focus World International International
Focus World International are in the fortunate position to be able to offer people from all walks of life, and from around the world the chance to receive cash compensation simply by offering their opinions. They are looking for people from around the world who are interested in the idea, to sign up on their website. International
Focusline is an online market research organization that is willing to pay you a decent amount of cash if you are willing to participate in any of their available studies. They conduct a variety of studies, which are all consumer oriented, including focus groups, online surveys and interviews. They will pay you cash each time you participate.

Game Play Surveys New United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
Participate in surveys relating to games and associated products and services, for GamePlaySurveys. Earn cash rewards for each survey completed, accrued in your account until a payout request is made. Payments are sent via PayPal or can be redeemed for rewards with partners. Join now and you will earn $5 just for signing up.

Game Surveys International
If you enjoy gaming and gaming-related issues, then GameSurveys is willing to pay you for your input and opinions on a variety of related matters. This market research conducts studies that examine various aspects of the industry, and they are willing to reward people for participating, in the form of either cash or Amazon vouchers.

GameCrew Panel United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
The GameCrew Panel offers a great chance for those people who are interested in games, gaming and electronic entertainment to get involved in the industry. They are looking for people who are willing to share their opinions about a variety of related topics, and from time to time they offer rewards for doing so.

Gartner International
If you are in the business or technology field, and are interested in sharing your opinions and feedback on a variety of related matters, then you may be interested in joining the Gartner Business Technology panel. This panel gives you the chance to participate in online research, in exchange for vouchers or research results.

Get Paid To United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
Fill Out Surveys - HUNDREDS of offers to select from! Complete as few or as many as you want! Get Paid To is changing the way many are making money online. Get paid NOW with NO payout minimums! It's your money, get it when you want it as soon as you want it! Get started right away by signing up with NOW!

Global Test Market United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
Global Test Market provides it members with fun and interesting surveys that when completed participants are fairly rewarded for. If you are interested in earning a decent amount of pocket money for simply providing your opinion in a variety of online surveys, then Global Test Market has your answer. They will reward you with points for each survey that you complete, which can be cashed out once they reach the equivalent of $50.

Google User Experience Research United States International
The world’s most popular internet search engine, Google, is looking for people to participate in a number of interesting research studies related to the company and its products. They currently conduct usability studies, interviews, field studies and online surveys, all of which offer some form of cash incentive.

Grace Market Research International
Grace Market Research is a market research organization that is focused specifically on gaining insight into the entertainment industry, be it in television, film or other related topics. They gather this information through a variety of online surveys and quizzes, each of which offer rewards of either cash or merchandise, depending on their exact specifications.

HP Product Test International
Hewlett-Packard has a number of great market research programs for people who are interested in testing the latest Beta and Delta products on the market. They are looking for people to trial their products at different phases in their development, and participants in the study are generally allowed to keep the products trialed.

IBM user research panel International
International computer and technology company IBM is looking for people to join their online market research panel, and provide feedback on their PartnerWorld website in the form of surveys, reviews and usability tests. They are willing to offer gift voucher incentives for short studies, and cash incentives for longer studies.

iDonate Australia
If you are always looking to give donations to your local charities, but simply cannot afford either the time or the money, then iDonate might have a solution. Each time you participate in their “click for a cause” program, they will donate a sum of money directly to your chosen charity partner.

Info-net Market Research Australia
Info-Net is a market research organization that has offices throughout Australia, and they are continuously trying to expand their database of market research panel members and respondents. If you live in Australia, and are interested in participating in group discussions, then they are recruiting via their website.

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