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Inquision Australia
If you are interested in participating in various online surveys and studies, then Inquisition is inviting you to register as a member of their online market research panel. They conduct a range of interesting studies via their website, and for each study completed; you will be entered into a prize draw.

Interactive Opinions Australia International
Interactive Opinions is an Australian based market research organization that is looking for people to join their online market research and survey panel. Participation in their various online surveys offers a variety of compensation, from cash to a selection of other prizes – depending on the nature of the specific survey.

In Your Opinion International
In Your Opinion is where your opinions count. Register to become a panel member today to start sharing your opinions in surveys and polls to aid market research. Get paid for surveys and polls you take part in, and earn entries into sweepstakes draws. Membership is available online by completing their registration form.

IRIS Research Australia
Iris Research is a large and diverse market research organization that is currently looking for people from a variety of different walks of life to participate in their research projects. As a panel member, you can participate in telephone, internet or in-person interviews in exchange for “generous compensation”.

Izatso Australia
Izatso are a market research organization that seeks to provide companies with honest opinions and feedback from everyday consumers about their products and services. Studies include Focus Groups, Taste Tests, Online Surveys and Product Trials, all of which attract points rewards that can be redeemed for cash payments or gift vouchers. Registration is easy and can be completed online in just a few minutes by completing and submitting the profile registration form.

Keynote Research Panel International
Keynote is a specialist online market research organization, and they are looking for people to join their research panel, in order to assist them to assess various websites. This process aims to improve the online experience for everyone, and occasionally offers some form of reward.

LeadPhysician International
LeadPhysician is a specialist market research organization that is particularly interested in gathering the views and opinions of professionals in the medical field. They are looking for doctors, nurses, physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists and dentists to participate in a variety of online surveys, each of which offer some form of cash or voucher incentive.

Lightspeed Research

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When you’re looking for an online market research company through which to share your opinion and earn cash for doing so, it often helps to go with those that have significant experience. Lightspeed Research is one such company, and they are willing to reward you with cash or sweepstake entries for participating in their surveys.


Australia New Zealand

LiveTribe are seeking Australian and New Zealand residents, aged 14 years and over, to participate in online surveys and polls. By simply taking part and sharing your opinions, you'll earn points rewards redeemable online for gift vouchers, and entries into their LiveTribe $25, 000 Guaranteed Giveaway held every 6 months. Join now to earn your first 500 points and an entry into the draw for $25,000.

Market Choice Australia
Market Choice is an online market research organization that is currently looking for people to register to become part of their database. As a member of this database, you will be contacted as soon as surveys relevant to your profile become available, and many of these surveys offer some form of reward.

Market Truths International
If you are an avid user of Second Life, and you are interested in assisting companies from around the world to improve and develop various products and services, then Market Truths is inviting you to participate in their interesting program, which rewards participants with virtual currency usable in this online environment.

MBS Internet Research Center International
The MBS Research Center is an online market research organization that conducts all of its market research studies over the web. They conduct a number of surveys and focus groups directly through their website, and many of these studies are accompanied by some form of reward, usually cash or gifts.

Mccoy Recruitment Australia
McCoy Recruitment is a market research organization that conducts numerous in person studies in and around the Sydney area. They are looking for people from all walks of life to participate in these studies, and many of them offer direct cash compensation, generally between $50 and $80 per session.

McGregor Tan Research Australia
Become a panel member of McGregor Tan Research to participate in paid market research activities such as online surveys and focus groups. Receive rewards for your time and contributions to each study you take part in. Membership is available to Australian residents by signing up through their online registration form.

McNair Ingenuity Research Australia New Zealand
McNair Ingenuity Research is looking for people from all walks of life to participate in a variety of focus groups, interviews and surveys on many different consumer based topics. They are willing to reward people who participate in these studies, and compensation is usually in the form of cash or vouchers.

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