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Media Transfer International is a multilingual market research company that is looking for panelists to assist in online market research. The company offers special points for participation, which can be exchanged for online shopping vouchers once a balance of 100 has been reached. Surveys are online and come in a variety of lengths.

Medical Advisory Board International
If you are involved in the medical or healthcare industry, then the Medical Advisory Board is willing to offer you cash for your feedback and opinions. They are looking for various people from the healthcare industry to participate in various online studies, and each study is accompanied by various cash honorariums.

MedPanel International
Medical professionals, patients, and caregivers are wanted by MedPanel to participate in research projects such as online surveys and panels, for healthcare industry research. Take part in projects and receive compensation for your time and input. To apply for panel membership, simply fill in the appropriate registration form, available onsite.

Mega Brands Parent Panel International
Mega Brands is one of the world’s leading developers of children’s toys and building blocks, and they create a number of popular products that are available throughout the world. They are looking for all people who interact with these products to join their online panel, and assist them in future projects.

Micromex Online Surveys Australia
Micromex Market Research is a full service market research organization that is looking for people to join their database of market research respondents. They want people to participate in a variety of online surveys and studies, and they offer compensation for your time and for your online expenses.

Millward Brown Australia
Millward Brown is a full service market research organization that is based in Sydney and Melbourne, in Australia. They are currently inviting people to register for their various focus groups and interviews, which typically offer cash incentives of up to $80 per 1 to 2 hour session.

Mommy Talk Surveys United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
MommyTalkSurveys are seeking mothers to become a part of their database to participate in surveys relating to all things baby. Share your opinions and motherly wisdom in surveys to earn cash rewards. Persons signing up will also receive $5USD credit in their MommyTalkSurveys account, just for joining.


United States United Kigdom Canada Australia International

MySurvey is a online market research organization that offers people the chance to earn a range of rewards including cash by participating in a variety of online surveys and research studies. As a participant you will earn points for every survey completed, these points can be converted in to Real CASH Money. Members will also receive entries into various sweepstakes that offer can offer up to $10,000 in cash prizes.

My Survey Australia Australia
If you’re 18 and an Australian resident, then My Survey would like to hear from you. They are seeking new members for their online panel and are willing to pay you for your opinions through market research surveys and polls. Earn rewards for completing surveys and polls and referring friends, which can be paid to you through PayPal or Gift Vouchers, or donate your rewards to charity. Sign up through their online registration form now and you’ll receive an entry into their Quarterly My Survey Prize Draw as your first reward.

My Opinions Australia
MyOpinions are a paid survey company seeking new members to provide them with honest opinions and feedback in surveys. Each new member receives 100 free points upon membership and points for each survey completed. Points accrued are redeemable for cash payments or charitable donations. There are also quarterly prize draws where you could win $5000.


United States United Kingdom Canada Australia International


MyView is a global community of expert individuals who express their open, honest, and valid opinions on a wide range of topics. By experts, we mean folks just like you who are knowledgeable or passionate about almost any topic, including Gaming, Business, Family, Movies, TV, Books, Technology, You name it.  In return for your participation in their surveys, you earn valuable rewards including cash and vouchers that you can spend all over the web.

National Field Services Australia
National Field Services is a full service market research organization that is based in Australia, and they are currently looking for people from all walks of life to join their online database of potential market research respondents. As a respondent, you will be invited to participate in a range of studies and surveys, many of which offer cash compensation.

News Limited Reader Panel Australia
The News Limited Reader Panel is currently inviting people from all walks of life to sign up and participate in a range of different online market research surveys. These surveys are all online, and each offers some form of incentive, including entry into a quarterly draw for a $10,000 prize.

Nexus Research Australia
Nexus Research is a full service market research organization that is based in Australia, and they are looking for people from across the country to participate in a range of market research studies. The majority of these studies are in the form of focus groups and surveys, and you will be offered compensation for your participation.

Nielsen Homescan

United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International

Nielsen Home Scan is looking for consumers from around the world to join their consumer panel and participate in a range of interesting and unique research studies. They are primarily looking for people to scan the barcodes of recently bought items, and then complete brief online surveys afterwards.

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