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Pure Profile United States United Kingdom Australia International

If you are interested in having cash paid directly into your bank account for answering and participating in various online surveys and studies, then Pure Profile offers an attractive option. At present this is the only reward redemption system in place, but surely no one in his or her right mind will complain about it?

Q & A Market Research Australia
Q & A Market Research is a full service market research organization that is based in Australia, and their experienced team of research facilitators are well placed to conduct a wide range of interesting and important studies, for which they always need participants. Many of their studies also offer participants cash.

Qualified Opinions Australia
If competitions and shopping vouchers are your thing, then Qualified Opinions is a good place to visit. For answering their surveys, you stand the chance to win a variety of prizes on a fairly regular basis, including instant spot prizes, randomly awarded prizes, and bigger monthly draws.

Radio Music Survey International
If you are interested in shaping the kind of music that radio stations throughout the United States, Canada and Europe play, then consider joining the Radio Music Survey panel, where you will be able to participate in a range of interesting studies in exchange for entries into prize draws.

RateTheMusic International
If you are interested in playing a role in the music industry, then it might be worth considering what has to offer. They conduct a range of online surveys and listening tests, which are used by major radio stations to assess what music to play. No rewards are offered for participation.

Read Recruitment Services Australia
If you are living in the Melbourne area, and you are interested in earning cash for your opinions, then Read Recruiting Services is inviting you to join their database. As a member of this database, you will be invited to participate in these studies, most of which offer cash compensation.

Real Time Research Australia
Realtime Research is a market research organization that is based in Australia, and they are looking for people to register to become a part of their online research panel. Members of this panel will be contacted with invitations to participate in various surveys, the majority of which offer compensation.

Rewards Central Hot Australia

Rewards Central is an online rewards program exclusively for Australians, where you can earn rewards and have lots of fun. There is no joining fee, and no fees to remain a member. It's totally FREE! Earn reward points, earn rewards for online shopping, reading email, answering surveys, clicking on links, and more. Redeem your reward points for real cash or prizes, once you have enough points, you can redeem those points for real money or great merchandise.

RiverCity Research Australia
If you live in the Brisbane area, and you are interested in taking part in a variety of market research studies, from focus groups to taste tests and interviews, then consider joining RiverCity’s database. They conduct regular studies into many different topics, and most of these offer participants cash compensation.

Robyn Kunko Market Research Australia
If you are an Australian citizen and over the age of 18, then Robyn Kunko is inviting you to participate in their wide range of market research studies. They conduct regular focus groups, product tests and interviews, the majority of which offer participants cash compensation.

RS Sounding Board International
If you are an avid reader of Rolling Stone, or you would just like to play a role in its future, you can register to become a part of the new Rolling Stone Sounding Board, where you will be sent regular invitations to participate in surveys, each of which offer participants entries into great prize draws.

SensoMetrics Australia New Zealand
SensoMetrics is a market research organization that makes use of a number of different techniques to gather information from consumers. At present they are looking for people from across Australia to participate in various product tests, however they do conduct various other studies throughout the year.

Sky News Panel International
Sky News Panel claim that their surveys are short and easy enough not to warrant significant compensation, most of them are simple, straightforward and entertaining. They require opinions on a variety of topical issues relevant to the news station, and on occasion they offer prize rewards for them.

Sky Trax Surveys International
Skytrax is a market research organization that conducts a wide range of surveys and studies into many different aspects of the airport and airline industries, and they are currently looking for people from all walks of life to participate in their various online surveys, in exchange for entries into prize draws.

Slam Dunk Surveys New United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
Slam Dunk Surveys conducts market research via online surveys, and are currently seeking new members to participate in these. They will pay you cash rewards for providing your honest opinions, and will even credit your Slam Dunk Surveys account with $5 just for joining. Register for membership onsite to start participating now.

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