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Glossary of Market Research Terms – G
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Geocoding refers to the segmentation of physical addresses by county, MSA, and postal route in order to compare them with information about the demographics and psychographics of those geographies. Geocoding is very important in order to work through demographically enhanced mailing lists and cluster analysis.

Geodemographic Segmentation System:

Geodemographic Segmentation System is a multivariate statistical classification technique for discovering whether the individuals of a population fall into different groups by making quantitative comparisons of multiple characteristics.


Geodemographics is a research methodology that combines and makes use of both geographic and demographic variables.


Geodemography is the study of population characteristics set within a spatial context. This study aims to understand the layout and expanse of population in a certain geographical area.

Geometric Study Area:

Geometric study area refers to the market site that has been identified in the shape of a concentric circle or in the shape of a polygon.

Global focus groups:

Global focus groups are the focus groups wherein the recruited participants from all over the world can participate. These are usually conducted using satellite video technology. They are also called video focus groups.

Group Dynamics:

In a group discussion, generating enough interaction for healthy outcome is called generating group dynamics. An effective moderator can enable group dynamics to promote a beneficial discussion, as well as minimize the potentially negative effects of group dynamics.

Group Interview:

Group interview is a qualitative research technique involving a discussion with a group of respondents, led by a moderator. These interviews are known as focus groups, group discussions, panels, and group depth interviews.

Guesstimate Questionnaire:

Guesstimate Questionnaires are those in which individuals are asked to guess the outcome of the research results. These predictions are then compared to the actual results of the survey, after the results are arrived at, in order to weigh up how closely perceptions match the reality.

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