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Glossary of Market Research Terms – H
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The incentive given out to the participants of focus groups is called honorarium. It is given out in recognition of the voluntary services rendered. The amount varies from study to study and is dependent upon the difficulty faced in recruiting the respondents.


Householder is the person in whose name the house is owned or rented. Most paid survey sites permit only one person per household to join. This person is assumed to be the person participating and completing the surveys. Householder is defined as the person who completes the Census Questionnaire by the US Census Bureau.

Halo Effect:

Halo Effect is a form of response bias that a respondent carries forward from one specific attribute to the other. In this error may be induced because the respondent carries an overall generalised positive or negative impression from one specific characteristic to the next. For example, if a respondent considers a food product to be excellent in taste, he or she is likely to rate the product highly on other attributes as well like the appearance, colour and texture and others.


A hostess is the person responsible for ushering in the focus group participants and for keeping the focus group room ready. In addition, the hostess provides food for the participants and the observers from the client’s side and also for other respondents, who may be in for re-screening.

Hypothesis Test of Proportions:

Hypothesis Test of Proportions is the test to determine whether the difference between proportions is greater than the expected values, induced because of sampling error.

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