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Glossary of Market Research Terms – L
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Lifestyle Research:

Lifestyle research is the study conducted to gather opinions regarding the attitudes, disposable income, consumer behaviour, hobbies, leisure activities, and other lifestyle choices made by the consumers. These can be analysed and used for psychographic research for the analysis of an individual’s interests, opinions and activities also. This type of research gives a very fair idea of the trends and level of social evolution and proclivities of the society.

Laboratory Test Market:

Laboratory Test Market is a simulated marketplace, which is used in mock-shopping experiments. Here, the consumers are exposed to advertising and visit an experimental store where they may buy products under controlled conditions. Through follow-up interviews and focus groups are conducted to understand the purchase patterns and buying behaviour. This technique is frequently used to test the consumer reactions towards new products. Often, the market shares for new products can be accurately predicted using this methodology.

Labour Force Participation Rates:

An estimation of the age and gender of the number of people in the labour force, participating in research studies, as compared to those in the whole population. This is a very specialized segment and may be used for some specialty segments.


Laddering is a technique used in focus groups. In this the responses are worked upon and built upon until their relationship is established with a psychological need for the ego or status. This technique is used to answer the “why” questions so that the motive for certain behaviour is identified and understood.

Loaded Question (aka Loaded Question):

Loaded questions are those that are used to influence the respondents’ answers to reach a certain pre-determined answer. They are also called guided questions.

Longitudinal Study:

A longitudinal study is the research study conducted over a considerable period of time by observing a certain sample set to understand various developmental trends. These studies may use the same sample set over decades, or may utilize a new samples at set intervals, depending upon the requisites of the study.

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