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Glossary of Market Research Terms – M
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Mail survey:

In this the research questionnaires or surveys are sent out through the mail. They can be filled out by the respondents and mailed back to the market research organization conducting the research.

Market research:

Market research is the technique for finding solutions to various marketing problems. It utilizes both quantitative and qualitative research practices. The whole process involves collection and analysis of primary and secondary data to come to objective deductions leading to actionable applications. The exercise is aimed at better serving the target audience or end users of the products and services.

Medical Research:

Medical research is the research conducted pertaining to the medical and healthcare industry. These studies are mainly conducted to discover new knowledge and expertise in the field of patient care and associated areas by developing new and improved products and services.

Multiple-choice question:

These types of questions have more than two answers to them. These are generally asked in a format where more than two options are given as answer choices and the respondents are asked to choose from the given options.

Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping involves conducting a traditional transaction at the client’s local retail establishment, or an online transaction on a business website by trained participants called mystery shoppers. They also conduct similar transaction at the competitor’s point of purchase and compare the quality of service, ease of transaction, prices and display tools. This is a research methodology used frequently to evaluate customer experience.

Mail Panels:

Mail panels are the sets of samples of regular respondents. They have been screened and previously accepted to participate in studies with a particular company. The company then continues to periodically send surveys to such participants. Generally these respondents are contacted through regular mail or email.

Mail Questionnaires:

Mailout rate is the measure of capacity of the servers in sending the email surveys to respondents. It is generally measured in the number of surveys that is sent out monitored in certain duration of time.

Mall-Intercept Interviewing:

Mall-Intercept Interviewing is the technique of conducting extempore interviews while the consumers are shopping in public areas. The consumers are approached about taking a survey at the shopping centres and other marketplaces. These interviews can be conducted on paper, in writing or face-to-face, and on record.


For each question on a survey, the marginal is the measure of how many people actually respond to a particular question. It becomes the parameter for number of responses on each question. The marginal is generally computer-generated and is used to monitor panel response integrity.


Market refers to all the individuals or organizations that qualify as potential buyers for certain products or services. The markets can be classified on the basis of geographical boundaries, ethnographic segments, demographic segments and many other ways.

Market Research Society (MRS):

Market Research Society (MRS) is the world’s largest association serving all those with professional equity in provision or use of market, social and opinion research in business intelligence, market analysis, customer insight and consultancy. It has members in more than 70 countries. The diverse membership consists of individuals at all levels of experience and seniority within agencies, consultancies, support services, client organisations, public sector and the academic community. MRS office is at London in UK.

Market Research Society Australia (MRSA) :

Market Research Society Australia (MRSA), also known as Australian Market and Social Research Society Limited (AMSRS) is a non-profit professional membership body of over 2,100 market research professionals, dedicated to increasing the standard and understanding of market and social research in Australia. The Society assists members to develop their careers by elevating and inculcating the professional standards and ethics in the fields of marketing, social research and market research.


Methodology is a procedure used as a proven method to find certain results or gather certain data. The procedure should be such that when repeated, should yield the same results. The steps involved in a methodology need to be recorded for posterity scientifically and properly so that the procedure can be redone exactly.


Minigroup is the focus group that is conducted with less than 8 respondents. Usually these are conducted with 4 – 6 respondents.

Mix Mode Data Collection:

Mix mode Data Collection is the methodology that employs various research techniques for data collection on a research project. This can be a time consuming and costly technique. But the results arrived at are more accurate and well- proven because the error induced by one technique has chances of getting nullified by the other. Tremendous progress in Net-centric research is making this research method more feasible and accessible to people.

Mixed Groups:

Mixed focus groups are the focus groups that have people from both the genders.

Moderated Email Group (MEG):

Moderated Email Group (MEG) is an asynchronous qualitative research technique. In this technique the e-mail moderator sends a series of e-mails to the group members. Then the respondents reply to the moderator through email. Members of the group do not communicate directly with each other.


Moderator is the person who leads the focus group or discussion group by asking questions and interviewing the participants. They are professionals trained in market research practices.

Moderator Guide:

Moderator guide is the outline developed by the moderator before the session begins. This generally contains the list of all the topics that need to be discussed along with the sequence in which they should progress in discussion. This guideline is used to keep the discussion under check and progress as per the requirement of the study.


Mortality happens during an experiment, when a subject that was being tested is no longer involved in the study. This is a regrettable occurrence since each participant had been chosen to find systematic differences between subjects.

Multi-Coded Questions:

Multi-Coded Questions are those which invite many responses from the respondents for each question.

Multiple Choice Questions:
Multiple Choice Questions are the questions that offer more than two possible answer choices. The respondents can choose their answers from the listed options.

Multiple Time-Series Design:

Multiple Time-Series Design is a study that is conducted using a control group for a particular set of time. The study is not continuously conducted but it is sort of referred to at set intervals within the span of allocated time set. This time set could be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly etc.

Mystery Shoppers:

Mystery Shoppers are consumers volunteering to conduct market research studies that are essentially customer satisfaction studies. They are conducted at the point of purchase or service centres for the product or service. Mystery shoppers visit the stores as everyday consumers. They check the products and standards of services. Then they repeat the same exercise at competitor's stores and compare the prices, displays and customer service.

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