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Glossary of Market Research Terms – N
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Natural Observation:

Natural observation involves observing the respondent in the least obtrusive manner. This would include watching the respondent without questioning the respondent, or watching the respondent even without his or her knowledge through a one-way mirror partition.

Net Effects:

Annual conferences held by ESOMAR, exploring the interfaces within market research and the Internet are known as Net Effects.

Neural Network:
Neural Network is a process of quantifying text information generated from the focus groups by coding appropriately into a computer and then analysing the results. The computers are programmed to identify patterns in results, draw abstractions and find relationships within the input data. This can be done manually also but takes a longer duration of time and calculations can be very tedious.


Neuromarketing is a scientific methodology developed to measure the consumer reactions to brands and advertising. In this the brain is mapped, using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging to record conscious and subconscious responses to advertising, products or brands. The patterns are identified and compared with the other brands.

Nixie Rate:

Nixie Rate is the measure of the number of survey invitations that are returned to the sender because the respondent address is incorrect. This gives a fair idea of the updating needed in the respondent database.


When a designated member of a focus group who had agreed to participate in a focus group does not turn up for the same, it is called a no-show. Facilities often over-recruit to adjust for no-shows.

Nominal Grouping Session:

Nominal Grouping Session is a qualitative research method in which consumers are brought together in small groups and they independently generate ideas about a subject. Then these generated ideas are discussed.

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