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Glossary of Market Research Terms – Q
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Qualifying Questions:

Some qualifying questions are asked before the actual process of study begins. These are asked in order to check whether the picked respondents qualify for the actual study or not.

Qualitative research:

Qualitative research implies to studies which are aimed at collecting data that cannot be quantified or numerically represented and analysed. These researches generally involve subjective analysis of intangible attributes and the data collected is not empirical in nature. They are generally conducted through focus groups, interviews, group discussions and open-ended questions in written surveys, which enable the respondents to express their feelings fully.


Questionnaire is a list of questions which seek certain answers aimed at collecting data required for fulfilling the final objective or aim of a particular research study. Designing the questionnaire is generally the single most important exercise which enables gathering of correct type of primary data for any research study.


Quota is the requisite number of units, subjects or respondents needed for fulfilling the aim of a study.

Qualified Respondent:

Qualified Respondent is the respondent who meets the requirements for inclusion in the sample to be used for the research study. It is generally derived by conducting some pre-screening tests.


The research study conducted in which the results cannot be quantified or analysed quantitatively. Qualitative data requires subjective analysis as it is not collected empirically. Focus groups, interviews, and open-ended questions are all forms of qualitative research. These results give an idea of the thoughts, feelings, desires and expectations of the consumers.

Qualitative Variable:

Qualitative Variable is a result which cannot be quantified. It belongs to a category or classification. Some examples are marital status, gender, occupation, ethnicity etc.


Quasi-Experiments are the studies in which respondents are to be chosen with utmost care. These studies cannot be assigned to respondents at random due to the need of certain pre-existing conditions or lack of control for scheduling. Pre-screening of the respondents becomes extremely important in these studies.

Quota Sample:

Quota Sample is a sample requiring a set number of respondents which have specific and identified characteristics necessary for the required study. The samples are not random because of the specificity of the target respondents.

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