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Glossary of Market Research Terms – V
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Validation is a process in which the integrity of a survey is safeguarded and the data collected is verified by contacting the respondent again to confirm his / her survey responses.


Validity is the process of re-thinking through questions whether the research measured what it was actually intended to measure.

Verified Data:
Verified Data is the method that ensures the accuracy of the data entry by entering the data multiple times.

Viewing Room:

Viewing room is a room from where researchers observe the conduction of a focus group. Both rooms are divided by a one way mirror.

Video Focus Groups:

Video focus groups are the focus groups conducted using video technology. Here the participants may be located at different physical locations and communicate with each other in real time through satellite imagery and video technologies.

Viral Marketing:

Viral Marketing is a prevalently used marketing technique these days. It is an effective way of advertising through social networks. Enough brand exposure can be generated quickly by using this technique because the message spreads throughout the network rapidly by word of mouth or by Internet resources like e-mail, blogs or other services. Like a virus, it replicates and spreads quickly. The cost of such a campaign is relatively low in relation to the high rate of exposure to the target audience.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality is the computer generated artificial environment. It is also known as digital environment. Virtual market research is the latest technology providing the respondent with sensory stimuli about the product or service being researched with the aid of computers, without stepping out of a room.

Voice Pitch Analysis:

Voice Pitch Analysis is the test, which scrutinizes the human voice frequency reactions to emotions or other stimulations.

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