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ExecutiveOpinion International
ExecutiveOpinion, as its name suggests, is primarily interested in the opinions of those people in the business field. They conduct a variety of online surveys through their website in order to gather these opinions, and they reward participation with checks to a minimum of $50 mailed to the participants.

Experience Dynamics Usability Panel United States Canada Australia International
Experience Dynamics is an online market research company that conducts a variety of research into how you interact with technology, websites and software. They are looking for people from all industries and walks of life, and they are willing to offer compensation of between $50 and $100 per completed study.

Experimental Psychology lab International
The Experimental Psychology lab is an online, experimental, laboratory that has been conducting a large variety of studies through the internet over the past 23 years. These studies are primarily online and survey-based, and are constantly being updated on the researcher’s website. As each study is highly specialized, their topics vary greatly.

Exponential Edge United States International
Exponential Edge is an online market research company that is looking for people to provide their opinions on a wide variety of topics. They are currently only enrolling IT and marketing professionals from large and mid-sized corporations, and participation usually offers some form of reward, details of which are released alongside each survey.

EXPRESS Market Research United States International
Express Market Research is an online and offline market research company that is looking for people from around the world to join their panel through their website. They require people to participate in focus groups, interviews and surveys, and they offer cash rewards between $50 and $300 for each of these. Germany Switzerland International is a German market research firm that is looking for people to participate in their various online and telephonic surveys, as well as in in-person interviews. By streamlining their business model, they claim that they are able to offer some of the most attractive rewards out there.

fhios United Kingdom International
fhios is an online company that tests the usability of various online applications through various forms of market research. This includes the use of focus groups, usability tests and other similar methods, which earn participants cash rewards for participation, which range between 20 and 50. These rewards are paid out upon completion of the usability test, or within 7 days of the completion of online studies.

Field Facts Worldwide United Kingdom France Germany
Field Facts is a market research organization that prides itself on its wide international reach. They are currently looking for people to participate in their various focus groups, which are hosted in the UK, France and Germany, and each of which offers some form of reward, the details of which are disclosed alongside survey invitations.

FlyClub Surveys International
FlyingClub is a traditional online market research panel, where they will reward you for participating in various online surveys and studies. These studies are generally short and opinion-based, and the rewards on offer could include anything from cash, to coupons, vouchers and sweepstake and competition draw entries.

Focus World International International
Focus World International are in the fortunate position to be able to offer people from all walks of life, and from around the world the chance to receive cash compensation simply by offering their opinions. They are looking for people from around the world who are interested in the idea, to sign up on their website.

FocusFactory Denmark
Sign up to register your interest in participating in FocusFactory market research studies. Receive rewards for each focus group session you take part in, and share your honest opinions on a range of everyday products and services. Complete the online registration form to become a panel member. International
Focusline is an online market research organization that is willing to pay you a decent amount of cash if you are willing to participate in any of their available studies. They conduct a variety of studies, which are all consumer oriented, including focus groups, online surveys and interviews. They will pay you cash each time you participate.

Forum Etudes France
Forum Etudes is a market research organization based in France, which conducts focus groups, online surveys, interviews and consumer tests on consumer goods and services. Membership to their panel is available online and study participants receive rewards for their time and effort in providing their honest opinions and feedback.

Game Play Surveys United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
Participate in surveys relating to games and associated products and services, for GamePlaySurveys. Earn cash rewards for each survey completed, accrued in your account until a payout request is made. Payments are sent via PayPal or can be redeemed for rewards with partners. Join now and you will earn $5 just for signing up.

Game Spot United States International
If you are interested in games and gaming, then you will be very pleased to know that Game Spot will reward you simply if you’re willing to share your opinion on various topics related to the industry. For every online survey that you complete, Game Spot will award you with MarketPoints, which can be exchanged online for cash and prizes.

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