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HP Product Test International
Hewlett-Packard has a number of great market research programs for people who are interested in testing the latest Beta and Delta products on the market. They are looking for people to trial their products at different phases in their development, and participants in the study are generally allowed to keep the products trialed.

iALTO India
iALTO Panel is an online market research panel of Indian youth, who have voluntarily signed up to take part in paid market research studies. By simply sharing their opinions and views through surveys and polls, they are helping to shape the future of goods and services made available to the consumer market. Plus they get rewarded for it too, through points that are later exchangeable for gift vouchers or charitable donations. Sign up now through their online registration form to become a member.

IBM user research panel International
International computer and technology company IBM is looking for people to join their online market research panel, and provide feedback on their PartnerWorld website in the form of surveys, reviews and usability tests. They are willing to offer gift voucher incentives for short studies, and cash incentives for longer studies.

IK ZIE HET ZO Netherlands
IK ZIE HET ZO is an online panel of residents form the Netherlands, who have signed up to take part in consumer market research studies conducted through online surveys. Share your opinions and be rewarded with points that are transferrable for charitable donations or gifts , made available through an online store.

IMAS Online Poland
IMAS Online is an online panel of Polish residents aged 16 years and older. Their members have voluntarily signed on to participate in online surveys to gather their thoughts and opinions on a range of topics, in aid of consumer market research. Members are rewarded for taking part in these surveys through points which are transferrable for cash vouchers or charitable donations.

IndiaSpeaks India
IndiaSpeaks is an online market research organization based in India, and they are looking for consumers throughout that country to participate in various studies. The majority of these studies are in the form of online surveys, and many offer rewards, depending on their length and complexity.

Inmersol International
Inmersol are inviting people who live within the Northern, Southern and Central regions of America to become members of their market research panel. Membership is available online by completing their online registration form. As a member you can take part in consumer market research and be rewarded with cash and prizes for doing so. Register now and start getting paid for your opinions.

Interactive Opinions Australia International
Interactive Opinions is an Australian based market research organization that is looking for people to join their online market research and survey panel. Participation in their various online surveys offers a variety of compensation, from cash to a selection of other prizes – depending on the nature of the specific survey.

InternetOpros Russia
InternetOpros is an online panel that is open for membership to residents of Russia and Ukraine, aged 10 years or older. Register to become a member onsite through their registration form to take part in paid market research studies. Earn monetary rewards that can be transferred to your mobile phone account, or donate your rewards to charity.

Intuit Beta Testing United States Canada United Kingdom Ireland
Intuit is a large and well respected software development organization, and they are looking for people to become a part of their software beta testing program. Participation in this program involves normal usage of their software, and then reporting back any problems or bugs encountered. Occasionally there are rewards attached to the process as well.

In Your Opinion International
In Your Opinion is where your opinions count. Register to become a panel member today to start sharing your opinions in surveys and polls to aid market research. Get paid for surveys and polls you take part in, and earn entries into sweepstakes draws. Membership is available online by completing their registration form.

iPanel Online International
International market research company iPanel Online, are seeking participants for paid survey opportunities. All that is required of you to participate is membership to the panel of the country you reside in. Surveys completed can attract such rewards as checks or cash payments made via PayPal, free products, or entries into competitions and sweepstakes draws.

Ipsos United States Canada United Kingdom International
Ipsos is a large, multi-national market research company that is currently recruiting people who are interested in becoming a member of their online market research panel. By becoming a member, you are eligible to complete their online surveys, and will be entered into various cash and prize draws for doing so.

Ipsos i-Say

United States Canada United Kingdom Germany International

Ipsos i-Say is a community of dedicated individuals comprised of hundreds of thousands of people all interested in achieving one goal - to share their opinions. Ipsos i-Say panel members earn Reward Points for most of the surveys they take. Earn just 500 points and you can "cash them in" for money (in the form of an authorized check), donations, American Express Gift Cards and more.

Ireland Survey Panel Ireland
If you are an Irish citizen, and you are looking to make a little bit of cash on the side simply by sharing your opinions on various products and services, then the Ireland Survey Panel is inviting you to become a member. As a member, you will be contacted regularly with a range of surveys, many of which offer cash rewards.

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