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RateTheMusic International
If you are interested in playing a role in the music industry, then it might be worth considering what has to offer. They conduct a range of online surveys and listening tests, which are used by major radio stations to assess what music to play. No rewards are offered for participation.

refero Germany is searching for new panel members to take part in online surveys. Membership is available to German residents aged 16 years or older, and can be obtained by applying through their online registration form. Share your opinions and insights on consumer goods and services, and receive cash payments via check or bank transfer for completing surveys.

respondi (mingle) United Kingdom Germany International
If you are interested in participating in a range of online surveys on a wide variety of topics, then Respondi is inviting you to join their panel and complete their available studies. These studies earn participants points for each one completed, and these points can be exchanged for cash payments.

RS Sounding Board International
If you are an avid reader of Rolling Stone, or you would just like to play a role in its future, you can register to become a part of the new Rolling Stone Sounding Board, where you will be sent regular invitations to participate in surveys, each of which offer participants entries into great prize draws.

SayNation International
SayNation is an online market research organization that conducts a number of regular surveys into a wide variety of topics. They are currently looking for people to join their panel and complete their online surveys, which reward participants with points exchangeable for various prizes including books, CDs and gadgets.

Sermo-online e-panel Denmark
Join Sermo-online to participate in paid market research surveys. Provide your honest opinions and insights to assist the consumer goods and services industry, and earn prize rewards for your efforts. Membership is available through their provided online registration form, and is open to Danes, aged 18 years or older.

SGonlinesurvey Singapore
SG Online Surveys Consumer Panel gives you the opportunity to participate in surveys pertaining to products and services that you use on a regular basis. They will reward you with cash payments in return for your honest opinions and feedback. Payments are made via checks or PayPal.

ShopMon Italy
Adult Italians are invited to join ShopMon panel, an online market research initiative created by OTO Research. By joining the panel you have the opportunity to express your honest opinions through paid online surveys. Each survey you complete earns you €1, accrued until payout. Payouts can be made in the form of charitable donations, or exchanged for phone credit or gift vouchers. Registration can be obtained through their online sign up form. Research Panel International
If you are involved in the information technology industry, and you would like to participate in a range of market research studies designed to offer insight into the industry, then is inviting you to join their panel. Participation in their studies gives you access to exclusive reports of the research they conduct.

Sky News Panel International
Sky News Panel claim that their surveys are short and easy enough not to warrant significant compensation, most of them are simple, straightforward and entertaining. They require opinions on a variety of topical issues relevant to the news station, and on occasion they offer prize rewards for them.

Sky Trax Surveys International
Skytrax is a market research organization that conducts a wide range of surveys and studies into many different aspects of the airport and airline industries, and they are currently looking for people from all walks of life to participate in their various online surveys, in exchange for entries into prize draws.

Slam Dunk Surveys United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
Slam Dunk Surveys conducts market research via online surveys, and are currently seeking new members to participate in these. They will pay you cash rewards for providing your honest opinions, and will even credit your Slam Dunk Surveys account with $5 just for joining. Register for membership onsite to start participating now.

Songpeople United Kingdom United States International
Songpeople gives those people who feel passionate about music, radio and music television a great opportunity to voice their opinions. They claim that bosses from the industry will listen closely to these opinions, and that they will influence what music we hear and see. They offer a variety of vouchers for participating, and also offer monthly music-related draws

Spider Metrix International
If you like the sound of earning cash for answering surveys, then take a look at the Spider Metrix. There, you can become a “Spider”, be sent survey invitations, and earn rewards for doing so. They pay in the region of $2 to $5 for regular surveys, up to $10 for the more complex ones.

Sporting Insights International
If you are interested in participating in various surveys and studies that will go some way to influencing decision makers and sponsors of sport, then consider joining the Sporting Insights panel, which offers members the chance to win various sporting memorabilia, merchandise and tickets by completing online surveys.

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