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Start Survey asks a very interesting question: have you ever wondered how the television, radio, movie and music industries decide what people want to see and hear? Well, the answer is quite simple really – they ask people for their opinions. But these industries don’t usually cruise the streets asking people at random. Rather, they go through companies like who will gather such information, and more often than not offer rewards to make it worth your while.

There are a couple of ways that this website rewards those willing to participate in their programs. Firstly, as a member of their panel, you’ll be given the opportunity to see and hear new releases before they’re made public, and you’ll play a role in deciding their fate on the film and music industries. Secondly, they have just instituted an “opinion points” program, which will earn you points for your opinions. These points are redeemable for prizes and gift vouchers, or you can use them to make donations to charity.

If this sounds like something you can see yourself doing, the registration process is straightforward and you can be participating in minutes. Head through to to join this interesting new research program.

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General Information

  • Accepts Members From: United kingdom

  • Age Requirements: Parental consent required for under 13’s.

  • Type of Rewards: Points "Opinion Pionts" redeemable for store vouchers.

  • Sweepstakes, Prize Draws or Competitions: None Mentioned.

  • What is The Minimum Payment. This is the Amount Needed to Request a Redemption or Payout: No minimum payment is mentioned.

Company Information

  • Physical Location of this Survey Company’s Office:


  • Type of Market Research They Conduct: Focus groups and online surveys.

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