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Choozz Surveys New United States United Kingdom
Choozz Surveys is a great website that is geared towards conducting market research amongst the 13 – 35 age group. They offer a variety of online surveys for panelists to participate in, and rewards for participation vary from instant prizes, to entries into draws for cash, products, gadgets and vouchers.

CompuRx United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
CompuRx is a market research company that has been in the game since 1988. They specialize in gathering market research information from people who work within the healthcare industry, including physicians, pharmacists and consumers. Their research is conducted both online and offline, but no compensation is mentioned on their website.

ConsumerJury United Kingdom
If you live in the UK, and you are interested in participating in a wide range of online consumer based studies, then Consumer Jury is interested in hearing from you. They are looking for people from all walks of life to participate in their studies, and they reward participants with entries into monthly prize draws. International offers everyday consumers the chance to voice their opinions on a wide range of products and services, in return for honest feedback they provide cash remuneration. All study participants are paid 1-6 euro’s per study with all new panel registrants being entered into their prize draw.

Contractor Advisory Board International
The Contract Advisory Board is looking for building and construction contractors of any nature to join their board, participate in their various online market research and opinion-based surveys and discussions, and in turn, receive payment for doing so. As a panel member, you can earn between $10 and $200 per study.

Crowdology United Kingdom
Become a member of the crowd when you sign up to participate in Crowdology’s paid market research activities. Provide your opinions and feedback on a range of topics, products and services and get paid with cash and prize rewards for doing so. Membership applications can be made via the Crowdology online sign up form.

Datatelligence Online United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
Datatelligence is a market research company that is recruiting people through their website to join their online market research panel, which would offer members the chance to participate in surveys, product tests and focus groups and earn either cash or point rewards for doing so, depending on their exact nature.

Dialego United Kingdom Switzerland International
Dialego is an online survey website that offers interested parties the opportunity to complete surveys in exchange for various cash or voucher payouts. Dialego will award you points for participation in their online surveys. These points can be redeemed for vouchers or cash payments transferred directly into your bank account.

Disney Online Research Panel United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International
The Disney Online Research Panel is looking for people to sign up as a panel member, and participate in their various online market research projects. These projects, usually online surveys, will take no more than 20 minutes, and will award you points that can be transferred for gift vouchers or donations to charity.

Dubit Informer United Kingdom
Dubit Informer will pay youth cash for opinions and feedback generally relating to market research issues. Prizes vary from between 50p and 2 for standard surveys, and merchandise is potentially on offer for those participating in user-feedback programs. Anyone can join, provided consent is provided from parents.

eBay Consumer Panel International
The world’s biggest and most popular online auction website, eBay, is looking for people to become a part of their online market research initiative. They need people who are interested in assisting them to download the small software application, Keynote, that tracks the eBay pages that the user views while on the site.

eC Global Panel International
eC Global Panel is an online market research organization that is looking for all people from Latin America, as well as Spanish and Portuguese speakers from around the world, to participate in various online polls and surveys, and by doing so stand in line to win a selection of prizes.

ECN Research United States United Kingdom
ECN Research is a market research company specifically targeting citizens of The United States and The United Kingdom who are interested in receiving incentives for offering their opinions. As a participant, you are eligible for a selection of cash and other rewards, while at the same time are offered entry into their $500 Shopping Spree Sweepstakes.

EdgePoll United States Canada International
The Edge is not afraid of making the claim that they are at the forefront of market research technology, and they claim to be one of the most advanced companies out there. They conduct a variety of research studies throughout the USA, Canada and Europe.

eDigitalResearch United Kingdom
eDigitalResearch is an experienced online market research company. They are involved in a variety of different studies in various sectors of the consumer market, and they are largely focused on mystery shopping programs and online surveys and research, although few details regarding panelist recruitment is made on their website.

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