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NOP Surveys United States United Kingdom
NOP Surveys is an online market research community that consists of people interested in sharing their opinions and being rewarded for doing so. They offer a sizeable of incentive of $5000 a month in cash rewards, which are typically in the form of monthly giveaways, which are paid into PayPal accounts.

NPD Online Research United States Canada United Kingdom
NPD Online Research is an online market research company that offers a fun avenue for people to express their opinions and get rewarded for doing so. The completion of surveys entitles members of the panel entry into their monthly cash and prize draws, and into their sweepstakes program SweepLand.

OnePoll United Kingdom is a market research website. It offers the chance to earn cash and win monthly cash prizes by answering online surveys and polls. The questionnaires are short and straightforward, and the website will payout cash once a total of 40 has been reached.

OnlineOpinions United Kingdom
OnlineOpinions is an online market research company that conducts online surveys and opinion polls with its members to garner consumer opinions on products and services. Members are paid cash rewards for each survey they complete, paid out via checks. Membership is available to residents of the UK aged 16 years or older, and can be obtained by registering onsite.

Opinion Health United Kingdom International is a market research website focused on issues surrounding personal and family health, and opinions on related matters. They offer rewards to those willing to participate in their surveys, in the form points that are redeemable for cash or  as a donation to a specific charity.

Opinion Outpost

United States Canada United Kingdom

Opinion Outpost offers you a standard approach to entering the market research industry as a respondent. They will pay you for each survey that you complete in Opinion Points, which can be redeemed for cash via their website. Furthermore, some of the surveys are also accompanied with sweepstake entries and other prizes.

Opinion People United Kingdom

Opinion People are looking for people wiling to answer their online surveys. These surveys offer a variety of rewards. Points are awarded for each survey answered, which can be cashed once a total of 150 bonus points have been accumulated. They also offer entries into a monthly draw for cellphones, iPods, cameras and gift vouchers.

Opinion Surveys

United States Canada United Kingdom Germany

Opinion Surveys is looking for people to provide their honest answers to online surveys, Opinion Surveys in turn are willing to offer participants the chance to win a variety of rewards. This market research website conducts a number of online surveys and studies, and each of these surveys offer participants some form of compensation.

Opinion World

United States Canada United Kingdom Australia International


Opinion World is a market research organization that has most of the world covered. They conduct a wide range of online surveys in many countries throughout the world, and they are currently looking for more people to assist them. Participants are generally offered incentives for each survey completed.

OpinionPanel United Kingdom
OpinionPanel offers prospective, current and ex- students the opportunity to share their views on their experiences with universities throughout the United Kingdom. They will reward all participants with various vouchers, which are posted out immediately after surveys are completed, and from time to time run competitions off their site.

Opinium Research United Kingdom
Opinium Research is inviting adults from the UK to sign up as members of their online research panel. As a member you will have the opportunity to share your honest thoughts and opinions on a range of topics for cash rewards. Get paid for every survey you complete, or opt to donate your rewards to charity. Membership to the panel can be obtained by simply completing their online registration form.

Oxfam Supporter Panel United Kingdom
Oxfam Supporter Panel is looking for people willing to answer questions that may help the Oxfam charity organization to raise more money and better perform their work. The surveys are online, and the website follows a standard market research formula; however no details about their incentive program is provided.

Paid Survey Topia United States Canada United Kingdom Australia
If you are interested in participating in a wide range of studies for various different market research organizations, then Paid Survey Topia offers a decent package. This website will invite you to participate in a range of different surveys, many of which earn participants prizes and cash.

Panelbase United Kingdom offers a variety of ways in which to earn prizes and cash amounts. For every survey completed, they will reward panelists with cash sums or competition entries. Cash can be claimed when a total of 10 is reached, and prizes on offer in the draws include iPods, televisions and cases of wine.

Pearson Panel United Kingdom
Pearson Education Teacher Panel is an online panel where UK teachers can share their thoughts and opinions on the resources they use daily. The information is garnered through online surveys and opinion polls, and serves to make improvements to the resources available to teachers and students. Members are rewarded for their time and effort spent participating through Prize Draws.

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